How my day was ruined....(bring tissue)

  1. I was having such a great day. I was relaxing and cleaning around the house.

    I went to straighten my bags a bit and put my new grey reissue on the shelf. When i picked it up i noticed that there were three small stains on the back :wtf:

    i literally screamed out loud. :cursing:

    I JUST got this bag. And i have not even carried it yet. I only have been modeling it . I'm so mad.

    It must have come from my fingers. It looks like an oil spot. I really don't kow where the heck it came from. All i can do is speculate.

    I'm so mad. Now I'm afraid to use it at all. Was this just bad luck or are these bags super sensitive??

    Luckily the spots are on the back so no one could see it except me. The bags would look flawless from the front when carried.....BUT I know its there.

    I'm so bummed. I took a pic to show you guys but it pi**ed me off by even looking at the pic so I'm deciding not to show it.:nogood:

    Bah!! I can't beleive I let this ruin my day but it has

    Just needed to vent:crybaby: I still love my bag but I'm so mad and can't figure out how it happened.
  2. Aww crap. What is it? Maybe wait until the experts weigh in, perhaps someone has a solution.
  3. So sorry to hear this! I would feel the same! Have you tried anything to take it off? I know it's hard to look at but post a pic and maybe we can help figure out how to get it off.

  4. First I tried to dab it w/ a baby wipe and it didnt work. Then I tried some cornstarch to absorb the oil and that didnt work either.

    I'm still burning up w/ anger. I must have done it but I just don't know how.:cursing:

    I aksed my fiancee if he touched my bag and he said no. He knows to leave my bags alone.

    The three small spots look like little fingerprints. they are the shape of prints. arghh. I'm so mad.

    Seriously someone please talk some sense into me and tell me its not the end of the world.
    Atleast is not on THE FRONT of the bag, right??:crybaby:
  5. Oh, I am so sorry to hear this happened to you.....Please post a picture so we can see and learn what degree of damage just a fingerprint can do.:crybaby:

    This is strange - because I was just trying to decide if I want to try to hunt down a grey reissue for myself....are they really very sensitive???

    At least it is on the back - that should make you feel better - it would be truly horrible if it was on the front.....should feel a little better about that. But I understand it sucks all the sorry.:sad:

  6. You are right. I just modeled it in the mirror and it was still as beautiful as ever.
    I should be happy that its on the back and not noticable.

    But warning to reissue owners to be careful about what you have on your hands when you touch your bag.

    Its making my head hurt to think what could have been on my hands b-cuz I am always so careful.
  7. Glad to hear you still love her....hopefully someone has some tricks...

    I know words can't ease the frustration - but we all feel your pain and wish we could wave a magic wand and undo the damage....

    Just thank goodness it was on the back and not front and center......

  8. You are soo sweet. thanks for the kind words.

    I really need to snap out of it. You'd think someone ran over my dog. :p

    Its a gorgeous bag and I just need to be more careful in the future.....and I'm still thanking my lucky stars that the it was not front and center. that would have been terrible
  9. So sorry to hear that...:sad: Did you just put some hand lotion before touching the bag? I would try the cornstarch trick again, but dab it on with pressure and leave it for a few hours, even overnight. And see if the oil spots get lighter. Hope it works! *hugs*
  10. I can't imagine that horrible.....if that is a brand new bag, I would certainly try to get Chanel to clean the spots., just can imagine that it could stain so it lambskin?, they should clean it for you.....are you sure it was not there when you got it at the store?:heart:H
  11. That blows!!! I don't have any remedy for it.. maybe it's wishful thinking but it could fade overtime??? Don't try any chemicals on it, I messed up a Chloe like that once...
  12. I agree with you the loss of a pet is much worse.

    I would give all my bags away - if it meant saving my cat - which I love.

    So, do you think there is a chance I might be able to find a grey reissue? - it has been growing on me...
  13. would a gentle leather cleaner help?
  14. No the bag was perfect when i got it. I got it from a friend but there were no marks. Either me or my fiancee did it. No doubt. he says he didnt touch it so it much have been me :sweatdrop:

    i might bring it into chanel and see if they have suggestions. But i don't want then to treat it w/ something that might turn the bag darker.

    Know what I mean? If they put some type of chemical on the whole bag then it might change the shade of grey. But maybe i might be wrong.

    I think I may just get over it. Its on the back of the bag ans once i get over the fact that I just got the bag and really begin to start wearing it I'll probably forget all about it :p
  15. so sorry :crybaby:...lights a candle and will keep vigil for you and your bag.