How My Bags are like Children

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  1. I am not a mother myself, but from observing how my mother is and other mothers, I can say that I know how they feel.

    First :

    We all love our bags, but we love them DIFFERENTLY. I can say my mother loves my sister and I equally, but it is two different kinds of love. You might love your magenta because its so wild, but you might love your black too because it is more versatile.

    Second :

    They each have their own pros and cons. We always have the "smarter" child or the "more athletic" in the family, as do bags. Some are more "veiny" or some are more "thick" and some more "smooshy".

    Third :

    When they are new, we take care of them like nothing else in the world matters. Babies need love and tender care, so does a brand new bag. As they age, we don't tend to them as much as we first got them, and make way for new bags to receive that sort of love. We still love the babies and the bags, but they just don't require THAT much attention.

    Fourth :

    They make us the happiest people in the world!

    If anyone can find other points fill us in please! And if anyone can figure out to impregnate these bags thru science please PM me A.S.A.P. :P
  2. you've said it all... while reading i was thinking about how i felt about my bags... your right on, hahahah ^_^
  3. fifth :

    you worried like hell when they go to "sleep overs" and you'll keep on peeking on your window, wondering when they'll be back
  4. hahaha. eeyore, this is too cute! :P

    When they are thirsty, we always make sure they drink lots of "water" (conditioner/repellent)

    When they are cold, we store them in our sleepers.

    When they are lonely, we make sure they have lots of other bbags to play with next to them!

    When they make us happy , we pet and thank them everyday that we have them!
  5. true true..... i am not a mother either.... but i know that i love my bags and my dog like they are real children. a couple of weeks ago, i went to the mall and got caught in the rain without umbrella. without much thinking, i wrapped my bag inside my coat and let myself wet. thats true love right there..... my hsband thinks i am crazy.
  6. ^^ HAHAHA I DO THE SAME!!!!!!!!!! and we are not crazy....they are :smile:
  7. Well I am a mother....

    * you are always happy when you get your first bag/child.
    * you think no one will ever love your bag/child like you do. :blah:
    * if someone touches your bag/child without asking first, you are looking at them like :wtf: :hrmm: until they put it down.
    * you make people clean their hands before touching your new bag/child.
    * let someone start talking **** about your bag/child and you are :hysteric: and ready to fight.
    * let someone put a mark on your bag/child and you will give them a tongue-lashing like they never had before.
  8. Husbands think we are too overprotective of them.

    We think their flaws aren't flaws at all, but something that makes them unique!

    We take them to the bag spa, like we take our children for check ups!

    And my favorite....when our bags are in the front seat of the car and we slam on our breaks, we put our arm out so they don't get hurt!!!!

    :shame: I am a Mom, and since I got my first expensive bag, probably last year, I put them on the arm rest in the middle of the two front seats. When I have to stop suddenly I grab my bag, and my daughter accused me of going for the bag instead of her!!!! It was funny because it wasn't totally true! She is 13 and I was only stopping hard enough to make the bag slide but not for her to come to harm! But she always teases me about being way too over protective with my bags!!!! Just Like I am with her and her sister!!!
  9. haha! My bags get put in the back seat, on a big fluffy velour towel and then its COVERED with the towel so the sun doesnt beat down on it while I'm driving! My daughter just kinda shakes her head when I do that, then laughs. I had to stop short on our trip this past week and everything went flying, and all I could say to Nicole is "my bag didnt hit the floor did it? make sure its okay!". (its on the seat behind me) if I could get a seatbelt around the darn thing I would!:nuts:
  10. hmmmmmmmmm, let's see, my bags are like children because i name them, talk to them, tell them i love them & give them lotsa TLC :love::P:wacko:
  11. ^^ lol!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. My bags are like my children in that in case of fire or some other disaster, they are up there with my cat and my camera as things to grab and run with.
  13. Very well said E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes:
  14. I make them sit in the corner when they've done something wrong, no dessert until they finish their veggies, no TV until they finish their homework, and their father gets them every second weekend? Seriously, I admit to treating my cat like a child, but my bags are material objects. A Bbag would get saved in a fire only if it was the closest thing to carry my cat in.
  15. Touché!