HOw much....

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  1. ...would you be willing to pay for a second-hand balenciaga (esp. if it is the one of your dreams)?

    Would you care if it had some marks on it, missing mirror etc
  2. I would be willing to pay up to the retail if I really wanted it and if the bag is in mint condition. I would want everything that came with it, which includes the mirror, extra tassels, strap and dustbag. I would also love to receive the box but its not as important as the other items.
  3. retail and a bit more with everything and in mint condition!
  4. Same for me :yes: !
  5. I guess I might pay up to $200 over retail for one I really, really wanted.
  6. above retail def.
    but that depends on the money in my bank at that time :P
  7. ditto! I'd pay retail plus $200 or so (maybe $300) for a 05 Dark Olive First in great condition with clean handles.
  8. The problem is that the bag I am looking at isn't perfect. So my dilemma is whether to buy it or wait for another one
  9. It really depends on the style and color as well as the signs of use and missing mirror will give it a discount off retail. What style and color is it?
  10. ^^^ Red and First
  11. Sorry, 21 questions...Which year red? If it has pewter hardware...I would totally forgive the missing mirror, but still try to get a discount off much wear and tear?
  12. ^^^'04

    It does have the mirror. But I have decided not to buy it.
  13. I don't know, I haven't broken the 1000 barrier just yet.
  14. For an 05 olive First, which would have retailed for $995, I'd pay up to $1300 or $1400 if it was in great condition with tassels and mirror. If it was in perfect condition (absolutely no darkening of the handles), I might pay up to $1500.