how much...

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  1. how much do you think a coach signature demi pouch would cost at an outlet?
  2. Probably around 80.00.
  3. ok thanks!
  4. I hardly see any signature style bags at my Coach outlet. Usually it's just all leather or suede bags. :sad:
  5. I picked an aubergine one up for 60$.. it was missing the zipper pull though, but who looks at that anyways ! ;)
  6. I think they are like $120 at the Coach outlet here, but its probably overpriced since Coach has a ****ty markup here in HI.
  7. Irissy...which one do you go to? I usually go to Cabazon.
  8. ^^^you lucky girl! I've been dying to go to cabazon! Whenever I'm back in CA its never on the agenda :sad:
  9. Have you ever been? IMO, if you are not that into Coach, there really isn't that much else there. Maybe it's just me...but nothing ever really catches my eye while I am there. :sad:
  10. Ya, I think that's where I go too. It's called "Desert Hill Outlet" or something?

    My friends told me that the outlet before you hit Vegas is the best since they have a wide selection of signature Coach.
  11. Aren't there all the designer outlets there? I know the Dior outlet is there, I think there is a YSL and a Dolce there too. We don't have upscale outlets here, so I'm curious to see what they are all about :biggrin:
  12. there's a dior, gucci, burberry, bv, ferragamo, YSL, armani, D&G, escada.. that's all i can think of now..:biggrin:
  13. ^^^yes :biggrin: I have the entire list for those outlets and the woodbury commons outlets in NY, which are almost the same. I'd sooo want to go check them out! Hopefully I will sometime soon damn it!
  14. ^^ you should definitely go! i havent been to woodbury but i REALLY want to. i didnt think to go when i was in NY in the summer. :sad: :sad: i think dior and gucci have the best deals. so good luck if you end up going, noriko! :biggrin:

    oh and as the sig demis.. the last time i went to the coach outlet they were 20% the outlet price of 109. they had regular colors too! i was surprised. khaki, pink, and errr blue maybe? can't remember exactly.
  15. hehe yeah sounds like woodbury is cool too, sometimes I call to see if they have any saddle bags in. I haven't ordered yet, but its tempting sometimes! They had this red croc saddle for $3000, regular price was $6000. I almost bought it but it was all sales final and I didn't want to spend that kind of cash on something I haven't inspected!