how much??

  1. how much is the black jumbo caviar flap now? is it still $2,650 or has there been another price increase? thanks!!!:tup:
  2. That's the right price. Although I read the price for the matte caviar jumbo is a couple hundred cheaper.. like 2350? Hope someone can confirm for you.
  3. The matte is $2395. Great deal IMO.
  4. oh wow, which do you guys think is nicer the regular caviar or the matte? any pics? that does sound like a good deal thanks girls!!!
    also is there any way to avoid taxes?
  5. There are some good pics and info in this thread:

    I don't think the difference is quite as noticeable in person as the pictures show. But some people definitely have a strong preference for one over the other, so if at all possible, I'd go check them out in person.

    Some stores (like Saks) will do a charge-send from out-of-state so you can avoid taxes, but it depends on which two states you're dealing with. Saks will also give you 10% off if you open a credit card. AND there's an EGC on 3/14 so you could try to take advantage of that too.

    Happy shopping!
  6. thanks jellybeanz!!! i live in california, so if i call new york Saks and order it by phone there, can i avoid taxes then?
  7. Not just Saks/NY, any other Saks outside CA.:yes:
  8. ^really? I thought stores don't charge customers taxes only if they do not have a store in the customer's home state?
  9. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason IME. For example, there are Saks stores in MD, DC and VA. But if I buy a bag in MD and have it sent to DC, I pay tax. If I buy in MD and send to VA, though, no tax. So I think you just have to ask.
  10. wow i didn't know there was such a big difference between the two caviars! thanks for the info... also, i agree how the taxes rule seems ambiguous. i just had to pay my own state's tax even though i ordered it from another state (i guess b/c we have locations here too??)