how mucH -

  1. hi there i am looking to get my first chanel after being satisfied with fendi and louis vuitton -

    here goes..
    i am looking for a particular bag

    its a beige caviar double flap medium size bag with gold hardware. i need help in getting to know how much this bag should be?

    thnank u!
  2. US $1995 until it gets increased to $2350 (probably tomorow).
  3. are u sure its 1995? its the one with two compartments in it - double flap as in twice opening and a sort of almost descreet pocket at the black with the classic handles (leather and gold hardware intertwined) and the logo in gold on the front -

    i ask because here its seeling in a shop for almost 2238 dollars - ?

    im pretty sure its medim size - do tell
  4. Yup. Thats the price. If you are seeing for more, then they already increased it in that particular store, or its tagged higher already. Increase is due tomorow. That is the one bag I dont have and wanted too. SIGH. Cant have em all.
  5. Yup. Different countries have different prices. You should call a store in the US to order it today as the price will go up tomorrow!
  6. shld i call people like neimun marcus or a chanel boutique?