how much you'd pay for Perfo Musette~2nd NEARLY NEW?

  1. My friend got this bag yesterday afternoon but the ori owner has not ask for re-sell price yet, she want the potential buyer make an offer. How much I'd ask for this bag? The condition nearly new even almost like new, no noticeable mark or problem.

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Hmmm... IMHO: I'd pay around $1,400- $1,600? :shrugs:
  3. Thanks, John :smile: since the 2nd hand LV here not too expensive, what do you think with $725? I bought my like new Baggy GM fuschia from her around $725 only.
  4. Sounds good.
  5. $725 sounds really good! I have the fuchsia one and really like it, I'd go for it!
  6. Mm, $725 isn't the price from her. She asked me to make an offer and I intend to offer her $725 but to be honestly, I don't know the price range for this musette and I affraid to make unreasonable offer...

    Yes, I ever saw your pic with your Fuchsia Musette ;)
  7. Maybe you can offer her $725 then work from there! :idea:
  8. The ones sold on eBay is about $1k.
  9. May you have any idea how much the max price I'd accept?
  10. IMO since it's near new...$1.2K:shrugs: but do as Rebecca said go from $725:graucho:
  11. Finally, my friend asked for $1210 but she said the ori owner may would accept $ 1045. Should I take it?