How much you spent on the Chloe sale everywhere???

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  1. I love them all, but my CC is over already. BTW, I just apply Saks charge. I love dome too....but I should return something to cover my CC. And my bag can not sell on Ebay. I hope I can relist again and sold!
  2. i called 2 NM but they told me they are not do PA, 10days for online.

  3. Okay? Then return them and rebuy them? Remember you have that one bag (I can't remember which one) that you bought and the SA gave you an incredible price but it was FINAL SALE. No return? So that bag is OUT, you have to keep it or sell it on ebay. The other bag? You should be able to take it to a store and return it. Then ask them to rescan and tell you the new price. If it's cheaper, then buy at the new price.:graucho:
  4. Yes the Final sale is white plexi paddington.....I will keep it definately NO EBAY, I talk about Chloe Dome paddy and Prada....I will bring 2 bag too see...if they are give me different price....I won't return, If not...I will return the Paddy large Dome....sound good???
  5. Think that's a good choice, I have the white dome paddy, and it was too large - like you mentioned above, too large for everyday. I find that if I can't use the bag a lot, it's not cost effecient. Good luck with your decision.

  6. Here's another thought (I do this allot). If the bag online goes on sale and the store will not do a price price reduction (because you passed your time). Buy the bag on line and simple mail back the old bag for that initial refund. A little bit more of a hassle but the savings are worth it.:okay:
  7. Sound good idea, maybe i end up like that :smile:
  8. I do the same thing, I call it my shopping-go-round. The same thing goes in and out of my home. The only thing is that you have to keep up with the receipts and the return limits
  9. I do that too! But eventually you end up with very little because you keep returning!!