How much you spent on the Chloe sale everywhere???

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  1. ^Then you're a snake, my husband is a snake, lovely people![​IMG]
  2. Muggles, my hubby is a snake too -- same year.
  3. I am a lamb, BAAAAAHHH, :roflmfao:
  4. Well, guess I'll have to say I'm a boar..........oink, oink or whatever....
  5. I don't like snakes, yuk!!I want to be something else!!:wtf:
  6. I had a weird day today (Sunday) Love Pink, regarding checking on all those bags. I didn't call Ali (50% off - Miami Chloe boutique) - and I feel bad about that but I had her number and Saks 5th Avenue's number written down on a slip of Chicago hotel paper - hoping against hope that there would be a time I could elude my DH and check on my BAG!!! There wasn't a time. But we had to take DD to a grocery store to stock up on supplies for her and DH decided to read newspapers i/o shopping. Soooo - OPPORTUNITY!!! My daughter and I tried calling Saks but to no avail. The Saks SA was on some break or something. The only solution was to have my DD call her later. Unfortunately I would have to leave my cc numbers with the DD who swore she would not use them. (Crossing my fingers) As luck would have it my DD did reach the Saks 5th Ave SA and a bag is being held for me at 60% off retail for ringing up on Wednesday!!! And possibly free shipping!!! I am a happy camper!!!:yahoo: I am so thrilled that now I am thinking about the NEXT bag. Somebody shoot me.
  7. Oh my GOD - Love Pink = I am in the year of the HORSE too!! I just cannot tell you (except maybe in a private message) what year that actually is. Very few people know how old I actually am. I don't want to know how old I actually am but I'll bet you can figure it out???
  8. Wow, you're so lucky...but you know what....i check it out all the store about it for you, no one left. They still showed up in the system available, but someone they hlod already for it's meant all gone. my SA called arround for you too, but no luck. But just check it out, call you SA again and confirm she have it on hand or she just order thru system? That's happened to me with Gucci too. They showed up in the system they still have 2 available, but actually made a call, and they said "No left". Then I have to handle my CC to my SA, and he will tried to get it...he also told me 2 available (Maurice), but he can not order from Sunday. Have to wait until Wed, if I got luck. Today i met my SA at Boston, and asked her about it :"She said she tried to ordered for HER when she looked up in the machine, she called but no luck"
  9. Hmmm - now I am getting nervous. I did try calling Saks in New York today but the SA that is supposed to be holding the bag was not working today. I will have to check again tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks so much for all your help!
  10. ^^^Oh Oh.....a bag in the hand my be worth more than two on the sale table!!
  11. You all are fun! You go to such great lengths to get a bag!!
  12. OMG, help me decide it....I bought ( should I return?)
    Large Dome : $1000 It's nice but big and really hard to use for everyday bag
    Two front pocket Gold wash with 2 small pocket and 2 small paddlock, same this one but different color $1.100
    Paddington capsule messenger ( for travel) $1190 but Nordie matching price $770

    Should I get Red lambkin bay on Saks tomorrow? $800?
    I also have some Gucci onlist at damage $2700 again tomorrow.
    Oh, tell me..........I'm nervous now. My damm CC over limit....What I have to do? when I still want alot of thing....
  13. Does anyone know about NM price adjustment?Thank so much. They're "1st call" already, and my bag will reduce meant i can get $400 back
  14. ????????? I can't keep up with you????^ NM should reduce to the sale price if you bought your bag within a two week window.

    Return that capsule? Clearly you don't like it.

    Last tape that credit card to the bottom of a swimming pool????????
  15. Lovepink...once everything arrives, sit and think about what items you like the most and only keeps those. Thats what I do when I go overboard!