How much you spent on the Chloe sale everywhere???

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  1. Hahha, I might be die at 80, because my looking will turn ugly....and you're right, we can not lift up the lock and bag. Chloe such heavy
  2. Beautiful pics of your bags LovePink. I am espcially loving the white paddy with the keyring.
  3. That does sound good - but I think I will stick with the one in Miami that you found for me, Love Pink, that is 50% - but no sales tax. Then they would be around the same price except if you have to pay shipping. Hmmmm? Gotta figure that out???? I have free shipping at Saks. Or maybe I will have THREE white plexi Paddies. I am so grateful for everybody's help in tracking down bargains. You know how I hate to spend more than I have to - takes the joy out of the deal. Meanwhile - there is no such thing as an ugly or OLD Chloe girl. We are all gorgeous FOREVER!!! - with very developed arms.....
  4. did you ordered it? You can ask for free ship or only pay $15 but next day receive it. You can take advance by tell them my name, since they messes up my order. Lol. Guess what, i called Ali this sfternoon for you. I don't think Saks have any. I called my SA too at Saks, but she said no more left.

  5. No ugly with Chloe; with the workout we get from lugging these bags from place to place, we'll be fit as fiddles, rendering our appearance far more youthful than our elderly counterparts! Chloe's are the non medicinal remedy to osteoporosis!!!!!!!!!!! Therefore we probably need to buy more.
  6. ^^Sounds like good logic to me!!
  7. Susie: you're so funny....
    all Chloe's girl so funny too. I don't know why we have to think about it??? 80...i don't think I will alive at 80. but BTW, i would think I will using the Kerala Large tote for Diaper Tote , so I will keep it in my closet until I have a baby....hahaha. But hubby still say NO with Kerala will siting in the closet for a while. That's huge....I didn't know it so huge like that. But I won't Ebay her, love the charm, I love the horse....I also order wallet from Kerala. In my house I collected a lot of horse.....You know why??? I think because In my country, with the year I was born, I am a horse! Hhahhaha beautiful HORSE! hahha. LOL
  8. Do you guys have any idea for the bag you ordered and save it for something like that???
  9. Personally always alternate my bags almost everyday, plus I think I am done having babies....

    I am not sure I would feel comfortable having a designer bag for a daiper would get so dirty!

    Lovepink, the outlet had some Kerala bags in stock!

  10. I think I'm a horse too!! I think I am, according to your country???:rolleyes:
  11. Which ones? The large tote i already had. I want the Kerala go down for 1 size for everyday bag, but i don't know is it too small? Do you have outlet number? and do you know price range? Tks. I think now Chloe boutique still kick the outlet price because 50%, I called Woodburry, but price still over the hill. For the Paddy small satchel with strap, it still $968, no thanks. I rather have the plexi new
  12. Yes, if you're born 1978 or Jan 1979 you're horse and the cycle for 12 year.

  13. Awwe, no horse??? and like many young girls I loved them too?:crybaby:
  14. You're a horse if you are born 1954, 1966 or 1978 and beginning of each following year... every 12 years the year of the horse comes back... I am a horse, too! Love horses in real life, too....:yes:
  15. I missed out I was born in '53!!