How much you spent on the Chloe sale everywhere???

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  1. :roflmfao:
    This is thread is so funny. I have laughed out loud several times. All though Hermes prices are evil and at those prices I rather get 4 Chloes.
    I can't quote everything here but I have been laughing out loud at the "OMG I need to stop visiting forum" and "I am going nuts":roflmfao:
  2. I will post a pic soon
  3. You are the Queen of Chloe!!
  4. Love your white paddy with the little paddy charm.........beautiful!!
  5. Lovely Paddy's congrats
  6. i think we are all Queen of Chloe.......i thought many person here had a lot of Paddy....6 or 7
  7. Maybe I should have added Queen of Chloe sales!!^^
  8. beauitful collection lovepink!
  9. Girls - and Love Pink especially - I am in downtown Chicago this weekend for the Blues Festival and to visit my daughter - also on this forum - and I have just figured out how to work the computer in my room. I tried to call some SA's yesterday to find a better price SOMEWHERE on my white regular plexi Paddy - same as the one Love Pink found. I realizxe her deal is unbeatable but I GOTTA find something better. I have the bag here with me in the vain hope that I would be able to return it right away in this town if need be and not face the wrath of my local SA's. Ilson - the white dome is very fabulous BUuuut....just too big. Susie put it to me the right way: "Which one do you see yourself wearing when you are 80 years old?" No contest - the regular. Are we all going to be here when we are 80? - feels like next year to me.....
  10. Bal: That blue saskia is beautiful.

    LovePink: Love all of your bags, especially that white paddy with lucite lock, and the keychain is adorable...oh no,...I just ate, and am hungry for another "main course" :drool:

    Div: Someone posted, NY Saks had some paddies with lucite locks at 60% off, maybe you want to call....hmmm:graucho: Hell, I am thinking of calling myself...:sweatdrop:
  11. You have to delete your PM....i can not PM you :smile: Good luck. I will eyeing the white plexi again for you. I will go there today or tommorow for return the Prada. Because the SA told me $1100 before not $834
  12. Yes.....Call SAKS and order from there $933.31, hope they can found one for you
  13. PM you
  14. Y'all......(my southern voice)......there are lots of great bags to be found at Saks--OMG, best prices yet. I got the sale card in the mail yesterday and made a couple of calls, believe it or not, I'm fascinated with the Gucci Hysteria bag (that yellow/black/white one featured in the blog) and I found one at Saks at the 60% off, so I ordered it. Most places sold out as soon as it hit first markdown. So, we'll see if she makes the cut or not, as my last few purchased have not. My dome is in the NM bag, ready to go back. Guess I'm getting more selective with my bag purchases. Div, what Susie said is good advice......about seeing ourselves carrying it at 80.....heck, we need to start weight training, building up those arm muscles or we won't be able to lift our Chloes at 80.:lol:

    And yes, I think Saks NY still has a pretty good selection--from the posts I've seen.