How much you spent on the Chloe sale everywhere???

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  1. Lovepink you are my new favorite crazy Chloe addict!!!!!!!! AND there's a ton of them here!!!

    I laughed so hard reading your story. We are a pathetic bunch aren't we??

    BTW I've been good; I returned the patent Heli tote. Mona was right (so surprise) the darn thing is too heavy. Playing with the idea of a Chanel tote. But I'm not budging yet?
  2. ^^OMG she is thinking of going over to the dark side!!:graucho:
  3. Yeah we are all lunatics....they need to hire us all at Chloe;

    The Official Chloe Fan Club, :choochoo::dothewave:and they can feature us in their ads instead of those anorexic least we all have enough of a build to hold those 5lbs bags they make, and do it soo willingly. We'll even pay at least $800/bag to break our backs and build unnecessary arm muscles....but we are all committed!!!:shrugs:

    So Susie...I've been toying with the idea if a chanel too...but its gonna be long while before I take the plunge!
  4. Lovepink, looks like you are acquiring a lot of Chloes in a hurry, and all great deals too. We want to see some photos.

    With all of the great Chloes among us, we probably should start a Bags Borrow Or Steal Chloe Only club and save a little on the cc bill.

    I had been good this sales season, only one Chloe, the purple saskia:love: llson, why not consider the white saskia??:devil:

    Since we are talking about Chanel, is a vintage I got from evilbay for $350 (there were some discoloration), just got her back from spa at lovinmybags, fully restored, and looking brand new. What the heck, I will just post the photo:graucho:

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  5. Acshish your baby Chanel is adorable but your Saskia is HOT!! Mona Chanel is the dark side. Prices are enormous, but at least they're better than the point of no return, evil "Hermes"!!

    On evilbay I was eyeing this Chanel tote, hummmm? why did I love it so much? When a bidder asked the seller what the purse weighed she said as much as a Chloe Paddington (I'm thinking what if the customer doesn't own a Paddy??). I know unfathamable to us?".

    Anyway, I digress...Div pointed out that the Chanel tote I was lusting after was very similar to the Edith but with a heavy chain handle?....see....I keep going back to Chloe?:confused1:
  6. Yeah, Susie. Chanel is dessert whereas Chloe is the main course;)
  7. I love dessert^^but as I need to diet I will stick with the main course!!
  8. congrats on the great deal on the white plexi paddy. I've one too and I really like it....
  9. I am too late for Chloe Paddy, I used to love Gucci but now all Gucci need to go and I am hurry to collect all Chloe. I'm going nuts! I will post all the pic when all my order came. :smile: Next week I hope. Yes, we should start the "Bags Borrow Or Steal Chloe Only club "...that's why we can have alot of styles, color without make a big hole in CC....and we are rich. hahha
  10. I don't have Chocola dome. I only have Sable ( beige) Dome, it's big. i'm only 5'2 but i still love her...not wearing her yet. But I do love it.
  11. I bought mini me paddy keychain and attached it to my white plexi paddy too. it's look so cute............
  12. OMG....i need to stop visit this forum until my cc recover.....but who can say no to the deals???
  13. oh i would love a mini plexi lock keychain!
  14. :roflmfao: lol!

    I love Chanel AND Chloe AND Balenciaga - they each add something different to my collection :heart: Chanels prices! Another price increase just put them even more over the top and that certainly stops me owning too many of them! :Push:

    Back to Chloe...I have been quite good for once and just bought the Black Quilted Bay and the Saskia in Navy - total cost c. 900 GBP (2 for the original price of 1) :nuts:

  15. Wow Lovepink! Great story! Congrats on a wonderful find! :nuts: You certainly have the Chloe bug bad!:sweatdrop:

    Ahhh Div I really hope you find one at a great price soon :heart: