How much you spent on the Chloe sale everywhere???

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  1. ^^Just start selling off the furniture.

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  4. What we won't go through to support our Chloe habit!!:blush:
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  6. Sooooo.... I went to Saks to look for a Bottega bag (sorry, I "needed" a red bag, and I already have a red Edith dome, so I wanted a non-Chloe. Bottega was the next best thing in terms of the leather). They didn't have what I wanted, but on the sale table i saw a Quilted Bay in Whiskey. Not sure what size it is, but it had a dome-y shape. The SA said that the second cut sale is happening next week (addtl 33% off), so the bag already was 30%. With the additional 33% it will be around $762. I couldn't resist!!! My DH will kick me out of the house!! I can't come home with another bag, much less with another Chloe bag!! Please help!! :smile: :smile:
  7. ^^They are like Godiva choclates, can't eat just one! Can't live with one Chloe!
  8. I couldn't buy anything, I went to NM, BG, saks, barneys but my boyfriend was with me:sad:
  9. You can buy it then told him : just only $400 for a $xxxx bag??? that's what I did
  10. I just went to NM today, and can not say NO with white paddington plexi lock, only one there and the tag only $1295 mark down to $834.....I can not say NO....a big hole on CC again.I know it mismark, and the SA refuse to sell it to me with this price, she asked me $1100. She told me this bag onsale and it was $11xx not only $834. Then she tried to show me on the her book but this styles not there. She raise her voice, ran to the back room, but can not found the other one. Then she start : This one not ON SALE???WTF? Why the tag in the pocket then it's not on sale??? Funny.
    After all (15min), she said..."well since it mismark , so you can have it but final sale. Can not return. So I took her and paid. Add one more to my collection. I bought the keychain mini me at Saks i attached to my new purse....Yaya! $another $900 gone.
    And Chloe at Miami not ship the package to me yet! so anoying!
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    Wait a minute LovePink - I gotta get this straight....
    You and I have the same tastes in white Paddies with the plexi lock. I actually returned my dome to Neiman's today and bought a regular white Paddy with a plexi lock - JUST AS YOU DID!!! But - mine cost even more than the $1100 the SA told you about???? I am so confused. I know they won't do the $834 that you were so lucky to get but do different Neimans have different prices on their Chloe sale bags - IN THE SAME STYLES? Mine was in the $1300 range and believe me I am desperately hunting it down to find it cheaper. What Neiman's did you find your bargain at? By the way - there are now TWO white dome Paddies with the plexi locks on the sale table at my Neiman's at Plaza Frontenac in St. Louis. They are in the low $1400's - which I am pretty sure is what Ilson paid. I thought they were all sold out and now they are coming out of the woodwork.
  12. Div, funny you returned your Dome, I'm REALLY considering doing the same -- it is big and doesn't seem to be too user friendly, maybe that's why they are coming out of the woodwork. I woke up this a.m. thinking I should return it, I love the look, but the soft leather is a bit unmanagable or something..................I still haven't carried it yet, something is holding me back. Maybe I'm becoming too handbag fickle in my old age..LOL
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    I'm sorry that you're get it with $1300. But white dome is so pretty, I will keep the Sable color. It's big but it's OK. I got the white paddy with plexi lock only $834 plus tax. But as SA told me it was mismarked. Original price only $1300 or less than that. I think they have same price any NM, but mine is mismarked then I got it and no return as SA tells me.
    I don't know it right or not! I found it at NM Massachusetts
    Update the Ebay paddington:$390 for tan paddington , it's 100% auth. I saw NM last nite too, same color but $1590 . The one on Ebay still really new, no sign of wear. I can tell they are not different with Nm, so my luck again. I will post the pic soon. Even I tried to use my key to unlock the one NM displaying! No scratch on Paddlock too, but I want the red so bad
  14. You have gotten lots of bags on the sale LovePink. I really love the white plexi paddington and would I have seen it anywhere online I would have gotten it. I probably would have paid full price for it since I really liked that bag. Congrats on a very a good deal:tup:
  15. LovePink, congrats on your deal on the paddy-- that's a great size and a great price-- in fact, you've gathered some great bags recently.
    How do you like your chocolate dome?? I really think my white dome paddy is beautiful, but think it's going back, maybe I can find another white bag. I almost bought the large Saskia, but I think I don't want a hugh white bag, maybe something in the middle.