How much you spent on the Chloe sale everywhere???

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  1. I am so bad. I made a huge damage in my CC since I started to love and addicted to Chloe since this January.
    And now my SA at Saks and NM called for Chloe sale.
    Chloe from Miami called last few week.
    And gucci also sale. I wouldn't tell my hubby how much I spent, but I am open for you guys....
    All my Chloe on the way to my house
    I purchased 1 Paddington Dome large (Sable) at NM :$1420 plus tax, a goldwash mini me paddy key chain $195 plus tax
    I just purchased from Peggy at Nordie 1 two front pocket paddy :$1100 plus tax
    I just purchased from Chloe Miami last few week for Heloise, wallet, Kerala tote for $2200
    I just purchased on Ebay ( I will received it tomorrow, hope she is 100% authentic) for a tan paddy $400
    I just purchased from Saks 1 mini me keychain white plexi $145
    And last item from Gucci : Gucci crystal clutch $315. I am trying down grade my Gucci collection. Since I fall in love with Chloe.
    OMG, hubby will killing me if he open my statement!
    How about you guys???
  2. i fell for chloe not too long ago and since then i have bought more than a few bags too. my credit card company send me a letter the other day saying there is suspicious activity and that i should contact them. no need to contact them, they are all my online chloe purchases!!
  3. ok confession time.....

    In the past few weeks I bought two chloe:

    Prune Heloise from Nordies: $835
    Pigalle Quilted Bay from Chloe boutique: $890

    I am eyeing the Saskia white multi coloured clutch and the matching booties but waiting for an extra Neiman's markdown. They are 1/2 off at LuisaViaroma but I don't like the final sale part. They are very trendy pieces and I am not sure how I'll feel about them once I see and try them on!!!
  4. Sounds like you developed 'Chloe fever'---congrats on your newbies.

  5. haha, I like that! I have Chloe fever, that explains me maxing out my Credit card twice in a few months!!!!
  6. I haven't bought anything except a pair of Chloe sunnies! I have to save my money and wait for my trip to NYC! I leave July 6 and will be there a week, shopping with my Mom and seeing 3 Broadway shows!! Hope there are still Chloe sales then!!
  7. OMG you shopahollic you!
    i cant talk ive bought my silverado, a chloe blue nuit clutch, a betty, and another mulberry bag!!
  8. your wishlist is so long! LOL. So add more. I think I am almost all done with the Chloe sale, waiting for next season... And wait for cc recover. I hope my hubby not open statement letter... He will have heart attack imme!
  9. haha, my credit card needs to recover too! I know the feeling!
    I went a little crazy pre-sale, I just hope I'll have paid off enough on my CC if I see a great Chloe wallet on sale.
  10. i know im thinking about selling my regular size paddies, my choco and aunbergine!!!
    they arent getting used and TBH they are to heavy for me the baby paddies are just right!!!
    my collection just seems to be multiplying!!!!
    and yet i see more bags i want every day!
  11. I am not sure really the exact amount but I first bought one Saskia on 20% off which is not all that much off but needed a bag at that time. Then I bought a Bay on 50% off and a wallet on 50% off. I am roughtly guessing that it will be about 2900 dollars all together. But I mean I dont remember exactly what I paid:nuts::upsidedown: and it was paid in euros so I am not 100% sure.
  12. LovePink - I hope my hubby not open statement letter too!:sweatdrop:
  13. hahha, how many hubby knew about that???Since I found this forum....and good deals...I spent more than i thought. So bad. I guess I have to ban this forum sooner or i have to sell my house to get more bag . LOL
  14. Oh LP - who needs a house - right?
  15. ^^But you need the house to store the bags!!