How much would you willing to buy a loaf?!

  1. good after noon, lovely ladies:

    i am just wondering how much would you willing to pay on a used paddington loaf?

    it has a fair condition, not like new.
    but you love the color.

    how much would you willing to purchase it :flowers:

    how much does a used loaf usually cost on ebay ?!

    thanks a lot for your answer :heart:
  2. Loafs can go for as much as a brand new chloe paddington bag - medium size. At it being used and looking used, i'd rather buy a brand new paddington.

    If it's OK condition, i'd pay in the $600 range.... even lower.

    I bought a used loaf in that price range.
  3. It's as much as you are willing to pay. That's the point of an auction.
  4. I paid a bit more than d&g for my loaf, too ashamed to tell in public :shame:
    ..But it was the colour I wanted, it's the bag on my avatar - so it depends on the colour too. Good luck in selling, I personally love them as the leather in them is :heart: !
  5. thanks a lot for those of you who is willing to answer my question..

    actually, i am not planing to sell any bag...i just want to get one.

    i have only one paddy right now...but after i got my first one, i just cant stop think about my next one..

    and right now..theres one loaf which i like it..and the reserve price is 799 + shipping, and it might go above than that.

    i never bought a second hand chloe before..

    just dont wanna overpay the normal range.

    in fact, i am thinking about get a new one too....
    but they wont do in loaf style again, isnt it?!

    sorry, my post is kinda long. :Push:

    thanks~* hugs~*:P
  6. ^^I have a feeling I know which loaf you are talking about on Ebay. If so, it's GORGEOUS! I was going to go for it, but... I have too many Chloes at the moment. :Push:

    But I think that is a good price for that bag. You should go for it if you really like it! :yes: I think those will be hard to find later.
  7. ^^^Oops yes sorry, you're buying not selling, how did I miss that part..? :shame:
    But good luck in buying then!:P