How much would you spend?


What is your limit when it comes to purchasing a bag?

  1. No limit! I spend as much as I want whenever I want!

  2. At most $100

  3. No more than $200

  4. I can't see spending more than $350

  5. No way am I spending more than $550 on a bag!

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  1. What is the most you would spend on a Coach bag or any bag. My most expensive purchase was my Leigh and I only bought it because I got a store credit. I could never bring myself to spending that much money for some reason...What is your limit? Mine is about $400 but I have to LOVE it.
  2. For me, it depends on the bag and how badly I want it. I really don't think I would ever put a definitive cap on how much I would spend, though.

    ETA: I didn't vote because none of the responses are entirely accurate for me. While I don't have a specific limit, I also don't spend whatever I want whenever I want. ;)
  3. My limit is $800 and it has to be a good timeless piece or else I might as well put it in the chanel savings account.
  4. Mine is around $400 to $450. I prefer to spend closer to $200 or $300 but I always seem to find ones that I love that are way above that! LOL!
  5. Given that I'm planning on buying a Lindy, which is a mid range Hermes bag - About $5,000 if it's that. But even after that I have plans for more Hermes! And if Chanel ever stops hiking their prices every 3 months I want a jumbo or an XL flap!

    ETA: I should also add that I'm willing to spend the money if I have it. If I don't, I'm not going to put myself into debt getting a certain bag.
  6. $400-600$ max for me!!
  7. I prefer to keep the prices of my bags at around $500ish. My Leigh was a bit more than that but I love that bag so much, it was worth it. I might spend more if I really really love the bag, but so far the even more expensive bags havent appealled to me (whew!).
  8. I answered $350. I'd probably go above that for the right bag, but I am so anal retentive about keeping things perfect. I worry about ruining something that costs $150 so I'd I'd probably give myself an instant ulcer much higher than $400 :lol:

    Oh and I'd kick myself repeatedly if the same thing ended up in the outlet for way less. :hysteric:
  9. The most I have ever spent on a purse is $1225.00. It is the balenciaga that is my avatar picture. The most I have ever spent at Coach on one handbag is $650 when I purchased my black Leigh. I try to purchase bags that are classic and timeless so I am able to use them for a long time. My absolute limit would probably be $1700.
  10. With the PCE discount the most I would go is in the $400.00 range...
  11. Unless the bag is just stunning and I justify the price, I can spend $500. Anything over I will just get a new LV.
  12. When I started buying Coach, my limit was $350. But now I'm not sure. I have purchased 7 bags since March of 2007 and still looking! Just bought a beautiful red Brahmin last weekend. Has to be quality, tho. I bought a Beijo backpack last weekend and feel like $94 was too much for it. I do like it tho.
  13. I love beijo purse.. I have one bag in sky blue and I absolutely adore her:tup:
  14. If it's something i really like my spend limit will be 700$.
  15. It totally depends on the bag. Probably for Coach it would be $400, but I have managed to get quite a few $800 Coach bags for under $400. For a bag that never goes on sale or to outlets, I may spend up to $3000 - I will buy my first Louis Vuitton as soon as I get a real job - a Suhali Lockit for $2700.