How much would you spend on a MC THEDA PM?

  1. The retail price for a Monogram Canvas Theda PM was $1,920, so the MC Theda PM retailed a little more than that.. I'm guessing somewhere around $2,300?

    I think paying $1,300 for this bag is a good deal. However, this auction still has 4 days to go.
  2. I think it's a good price :yes:
  3. Is this theda bag a collectors item and would the price go up as it ages?? And are they hard to find as the listing stated? Does anyone know the actual retail of this bag cost? Thanks for the replies...

    I offered a buy it now price of $1300 for this bag and the seller is willing to consider it. I don't think I would pay more than that. Anyone seen how much these usually sell for on eBay?
  4. The previous ones went for $1200. Do a search on completed items, it will give you an idea :smile:
  5. Thanks Dimple

    So do you think I should wait it out or buy it now?