how much would you sell this bag for?

  1. i've been trying to sell my viva-cite' GM for quite some time, but no serious nibbles. for how much would you sell a mint condition, 2005 viva? i think my asking price is pretty reasonable considering the bag retails for $1,220.

    thanks for your suggestions. love to all.
  2. the best way to figure out is the do a search on eBay's current and completed listings.
  3. I've thought about what I would do in this circumstance, 'cause I've considered selling a couple of my bags. I think you have to bite the bullet and lower the price. The issue is this, right: YOU know the bag is real, but the BUYER just CAN'T know until they get it in their hands (yes, even if they get it authenticated, there's always some doubt). So not only do you have to discount for the fact that it's used, but also for the authenticity uncertainty the buyer faces in buying a designer bag online. That's why even though your price could seem reasonable vis-a-vis retail, you may have to lower it further because it's not JUST the used factor that you're discounting for.
  4. yes, i see what you're saying about lowering the price. this morning someone offered me $200. i think that is too low, i mean that's almost rude. plus the buyer wanted me to drive 3 hours just so they could see the bag in person - and there was no guarantee that they'd buy it then either. the bag is in new condition and i was shocked that i had an offer so low. on eBay, most people are selling them for $500 and up.

    what would you pay for a babied viva-cite GM?
  5. They probably thought it was fake and know that fake bags go fo that much. They were probably going off that.

    Not saying yours is fake... But just that that's what they were probably think and they are probably used to buying fake bags for $200 or less.

    I'd probaby pay $500-600.

    How old is it?

  6. I bought the bag Christmas 2005, so it's 2 years old.
  7. From my experience most buyers will believe that the bag is authentic when you have as many pictures as possible of the bag and all of them close ups and looking very professional. Also, your own feedback helps, when it's 100% positive.
    I sold a pretty expensive Ed Hardy bomber jacket that way and also a Burberry Trench.
    A lot depends on the text and the item description. I always describe my items very thouroughly and in detail, that helps a lot and buyers don't send you any questions about the item because it's all there.
  8. I would pay $1000 for one.
  9. It's really depends on the condition of the bag. I believe most of people go on ebay to looking for a bargain, or hard to find item. Right now, with all the fakes are getting better and better. Unless I am very sure the one I am buying from ebay is authentic and the deal is great, I would rather just purchase new from store. If I already spent that much money one an LV, then I don’t mind spend little more from the boutique where I can see it in person and return or exchange if I don’t like it.

    I am buyer and seller myself on ebay, the price is really depends on how desperate I want to let it go.
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  11. For what I see in completed sales I think you can start an auctuion for around $400 with plenty of clear pictures. Or a BIN for around $749 and accept best offers. Good Luck!
  12. Don't lose hope over a $200 offer. I do not think that was someone thinking the bag was fake (those people offer $20 not $200). That was probably a reseller looking for a bag to resell. They know your bag is worth more and they are probably taking advantage over something they know you are not doing correctly (not enough pics, not enough description, you have low feedback, etc.).

    How much to list for? Several very good points mentioned above are very realistic. Yes your bag might look like new or hardly used, unfortunately still it is an older /slightly used bag regardless. Say that the bag was never ever used, stashed in the closet all along, you still can't compare with a new one bought from Vuitton, one of the things that does not help is that its age is beyond the warranty period (one year is what I believe Vuitton gives is for any defect).

    Get your very best pictures out, showing in detail all things that prove your bag is authentic, plus any signs of use, damage, etc.

    Describe as accurately as if you were in the market looking for same bag yourself. What would you like to know about this bag?

    I would start the bidding at the lowest you are willing to accept. Either that or do fixed price listing with option to do a best offer. Checkmark the box where it says automatically decline offers of less than $xxx so you are not bombarded with lowballing offers.

    Come back and let us know it went well!!!
  13. Not me, not when I could get it new (and be guaranteed authenticity) for a little over $1200. I probably would pay in the $500-$700 range. A real bargain hunter, or someone looking to try to resell, would probably pay in the $400-$600 range.
  14. Don't worry about the 200.00 ... it's ebay you'll always get one of those. I have had GREAT luck doing a BIN and taking best offers. I generally set the BIN for 100-200 over what I think it should dell for and then end up taking the highest offer.