How much would you pay?

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  1. I'm new to selling used handbags so I'd appreciate some advice. In your opinion what is a reasonable percentage to sell for a brand like LV?

    I ask because I'm trying to get rid of a Monogram Mini Noelie, which I payed 745+ tax (CAD) for. I have an offer for 450, about 60%. It is in perfect condition as it has only been used about three times. Do you think this is about the best I can get?

    However, I'm curious in general as to what LV bags should fetch.
  2. Usually I would guess you get about 80-90% back but with this one I would think it might be less because it's not very popular so probably 60-70%. The mono sells the bast here in Germany.
  3. I paid about 50% of retail for my used LVs but they were both about 5 years old and well used but well cared for. My alma also had had the bottom replaced and I got it for $400 then I took it to LV and had the handles replaced for $160 so now I have a brand new alma for $560. I would not pay more than aboout 50-60% personally because I would then just go to LV and buy new and have the experience of the purchase but I have seen plenty of speedys go for $400. when they only cost $560 to buy new.
  4. I would go for $500. Its a nice bag. A lot of people don't want what is extremely popular so you may be able to get more. How long have you had the bag for sale?
  5. I agree with Tanja. Mini Mono just doesn't keep its value as well as reg Mono, 500 seems more feasable.

    Maybe you could ask a Mypoupette who does consignment? A lot of people seem to follow Fashionphile's auctions so it might be benificial if cutting them a fee might gives you better returns?
  6. Thank you so much for your advice everyone. :smile:
  7. Agree with the others, good luck on your sale!
  8. Raspberry, definitely don't forget to post it in Marketplace if you decide to sell it. Half the stuff I've posted sells to another board member!
  9. ^^^I noticed that too, we're such bag addicts here!!
  10. what does the Noelie look like?
  11. Definitely post in the Marketplace!!!
  12. [​IMG]
  13. ^^oh! cute!!
  14. That's a cute bag! Try selling it for $600. It's in immaculate condition.