How much would you pay???

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  1. For a used (but in very awesome condition) leather LEIGH???
  2. depends on the color and how hard it is to find i guess. what one is it?
  3. it's a black leather one...I think I NEED it...My ultimate would be a walnut one, but those are RIDICULOUS!
  4. lol well i dont know theyre all gorgeous. i just got a juniper green how much s it?
  5. If it's in excellent condition I'd say around $150 max. But that's just for me. :biggrin:
  6. Maybe $175.
  7. I would say $200 for excellent condition, maybe a little less if you're lucky.
  8. $175-$200 for black or walnut (more common colors) and $175-$240 for RAISIN!!!!
  9. Thanks brought me back down to earth! I was going to pay wayyy too much!
  10. im so glad i was able to add one to my collection and a legacy 07 shoulder bag in walnut. coach needs to remake these bags again!!!
  11. Misty keep looking around. I am almost certain you'll be able to find one decently priced.
  12. Thanks Tupcake...I hope so!!! I am so in love with this bag!
  13. ^^ Aww man. I'm supposed to be good too!
  14. You only live once! I have the 11127 in Raisin, and LOVE her! She's probably second to my Gigi on my list of bags - she's tied with Peyton! :biggrin:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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