How much would you pay

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  1. for a brand new grenat city?

    I have one offered to me and I want to know what's fair. (like how much over retail)
  2. for it depends on how bad I want the bag.
  3. Thanks for moving my thread... I'm sorry for posting in the wrong place.... the Balenciaga forum is large and confusing!
  4. Grenat is a gorgeous color! For me maybe 25%-35% above retail? I have one with beautiful leather and has broken in just perfectly!!
  5. Grenat and bordeau are my HG colours. I picked up a purse in Grenat and the leather is gorgeous (more like an 05 leather) and the colour is TDF. The colour is not flat - it has many different shadings and changes with the lighting. It is also goes with everything. I would certainly pay over retail but not too much as they do pop up from time to time and because it is 06 leather they don't seem to go for as much as some of the earlier leathers.
  6. I wouldn't pay over retail, if it's in great condition and I realllllly want it retail max! Usually less though!
  7. I agree with chinkee, and it obviously depends on how badly you want the bag...good luck deciding!!