How much would you pay?

  1. What is the most amount of money you would spend on a pair of shoes?
    I am trying to decide how much to increase my budget to.
  2. My most expensive pair was 800, but those were a gift. The most i would spend would probably be around 500 or so, give or take.
  3. Spend what you're comfortable with. Our collective budgets shouldn't dictate how much you spend on a pair of shoes. If our budgets fall on either end of the price spectrum compared to your current budget, you wouldn't be comfortable with having to spend that much/that little anyway.

    For instance, if you're used to spending $800 on a pair of shoes and it turns out ppl on the board spent $50, you wouldn't feel comfortable adjusting in kind, NOR SHOULD YOU. By the same measure, if you're used to spending $100 on shoes and we tell you we spend $2,000 on shoes, you wouldn't be comfortable walking around in $2K shoes all of a sudden, NOR SHOULD YOU.

    Your budget is your own.
  4. Spend whatever you feel is worth the pair of shoes you see :smile:
    I wouldn't ever dream about spending over £200 on some sneakers, whereas my two pairs of dress shoes are around £600 each.
  5. Honestly, this really shouldn't be based upon what we say but with what you are comfortable with. I know that is just a cliche answer, but I think it's very true.

    That said, I decide on a case by case basis. : )
  6. I've worked myself up to the $400 mark with some Pradas lately, but I have a hard time paying more than that. But as other posts have noted, you should spend according to your own budget.
  7. As my income increased, so did my spending limit. My most expensive shoes are currently $355 but at one point I would have a heart attack if I saw a $99 sticker on the bottom of shoes I liked
  8. I am comfortable at $500-$600 for pumps and such... I wont spend more than $500 on flats and with boots I have talked myself up to $800 even though the boots I want are $1295 soo I think its what your feel comfortable with.
  9. I agree with Fate. Well said, as always.
  10. Agree with everyone else, but I will say that, in my personal opinion, you're better off buying fewer shoes that are of better quality. For some time, I had a somewhat limited budget and I chose to make do with buying 2-3 pairs of good quality shoes per year. I personally would rather have 3 pairs of very nice shoes than have 50 pairs of mediocre ones. So, I'd recommend "investing" in what you believe to be quality shoes and timeless styles. I have rarely regretted spending money on a classic style. Better shoes tend to be more comfortable, and quality shoes elevate your look in a way that clothes often cannot. I'd recommend spending as much as you comfortably can afford, even if it means scaling back on quantity.

  11. ITA with fate!!

    This is how it happened for me. Just 2-3 years ago I would shake my head:nogood: to a $50.00 pair of shoes. There was NO WAY I was spending that much on shoes. Now, I have $300.00 boots in my closet. $300.00 isnt a lot at all to a lot of people on this forum but, that is what I am comfortable with spending, and I dont think I would spend much more. I love shoes, but in all honesty, more than $300.00 for something that will be all over the ground is a little too much IMO(thats MY opinion though!). Now, handbags are a different story...:p