How much would you pay?

  1. For a black leather Dior Saddle bag?

    It only has it's Authenticity cards and a dustbag. No box or anything... I searched on eBay and there's one for 549.. That's the only one.

    Is that price marketable or should I shoot lower? It's about 6 years old but still looks good.

  2. I would have it checked out first in the Dior Authenticate This Thread.
  3. $450 - 550 from leather
  4. oh no im selling it so I know 100% that it's authentic lol

  5. Oh sorry lol
    I misread it!
  6. I guess the kind of saddle bag it is matters - is it just the pochette? or is it the one with the metal "c" and the flap? or is it the gaucho? I think 549 is about right for the flap, but probably a bit low for the gaucho...
  7. its this one.... i took a pic of mine (will upload tomorrow) but heres one i googled