how much would you pay?


cuz i'm teh lil one
Mar 13, 2007
Irvine, Oceanside, Hemet, CA
for an 8" tokidoki for lesportsac qee? They retailed at about $180... I know a person selling one but they want me to send an offer :shocked: and I don't know what to offer :confused1: Any help?

this is mostly directed to the toy lovers on here ;) I don't want to low ball it but at the same time I don't want to offer too much. Has anyone seen what they usually go for?


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Mar 23, 2007
i collect a lot of things and whenever i buy something i try to look at the longer term collectible value.

is this an item, which is going to stay or raise in value, a person has to assume a loss when selling a collectible usually, but they also know there is always that chance the new owner will benefit.
i did a search of complete auctions on ebay for 8 inch qee's now there weren't any lesportac related but the highest sold was 112 dollars and lowest 19

so I'd say since it's a bit more rare...115-130 is fair, i'd go more lower than high as you don't really know if in two years you're going to love anything toki related!

not sure if the deductive logic will help, but that's how i'd try to figure it out!


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Feb 21, 2007
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HAHAHAHA :roflmfao::roflmfao: ONE DOLLAR.
the seller will probably do like the chinese guy from the bubbleboy movie...FIVE HUNDRED DALLAAAA'!!

uhm...well..its a rare qee and probably wont sell it under retail... offer him the retail price and probably like 20 bucks above that. or just stick to the keychain qees, they come in "free" with the bags. collect alot and make a qee village! like polly pockets and stuff. hihihi


Mar 9, 2007
Yeah this is a purse forum, but since the subforum is lesportsac and tokidoki, we can talk about all things related to tokidoki.


cuz i'm teh lil one
Mar 13, 2007
Irvine, Oceanside, Hemet, CA
suesuperb: stop what? :huh:

sofa king banned person that keeps changing names: yeah as whiskers... we were told we could talk about all things tokidoki or lesportsac related here :shrugs:

:back2topic: I really want it but I don't know if I should dish out the $200+ maybe for it or just wait to get a few different items (still looking for a few different ones). I mean they are limited in number but should I just wait?

oh yah and did anyone see the mixi-bang version of the large circus punk I got last time... it has white fur instead of red and was a limited run of 20 compared to 50... I think it's out of my range tho


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Jan 27, 2007
the 8" meomi qee was selling for $80 on qeester. Last I checked they still have that. I think they charge tax and ~10 for shipping? they usually charge 406 dollars to ship small qees.

If you can't find it there anymore or anywhere else. I'd say 100-130 MAX.

Oh wait...they're selling it for $70

what 8" lesportsac qee are you talking about? beside meomi, that toki bear one, and possibly dalek?


Jan 9, 2007
far far away in christmasland
i think shes talkin about the mister white flower qee :lol: ...

tehlilone: I too want that toki qee, but man i cant bring myself to pay that kind $$$ right now ....i was watching a toki qee like weeks ago, but that went up to like $240 i i see someone selling it for like $300!! :nuts: i wonder how many are made???