How much would you pay?

  1. How much would you pay for this dress?

  2. depends on the material used and the details.. don't see a picture of the back?
  3. Yup depends on the fabric and the finish... Assuming it fits me.. As low as 50 for a costume polyester one and as high as 500 for a vintage couture finish
  4. not really my style, but it were I would spend up to $1,000 depending on how it fit and the material.
  5. Are you buying it or trying to sell it. ?
  6. what the heck is that even for?

    a debutante ball or something?
  7. Depends on what I would be using it for.
  8. u wanna use that as a wedding dress?
  9. i actually think it is very very veryyyyyyyyyyy cute 2000ish, but no more than 2500....unless its designer :smile:
  10. Is it hand-made? Is it fine silk, ect? Need more info before estimating a price.
  11. No i don't like!