How much would you pay?


What is the most you would pay for a plain cotton tee?

  1. 5-15 USD

  2. 15-30 USD

  3. 30+ USD

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  1. My sister and I had an argument about this, so I'm using this poll as empirical evidence. :p

    What is the most you would pay for a plain cotton t-shirt. When I say plain, I mean plain, no graphic designs, buttons or anything. If you don't feel comfortable posting a response, just select a poll option.


    EDIT: I am aware we have users outside the U.S.: you guys can choose to use a converter and vote or just post. TIA.
  2. i say no more then $15 , as thats around the price os a cotton tee at the gap ...even cheaper at old navy.
  3. No more than 10 €, definitely
  4. no more than 15
  5. I live in London and quite often pay between £45/£60:cursing: (about $100/$120) for a plain c&c california t-shirt, i love them:yahoo:
  6. I would pay any amount if the factors that make a good plain t-shirt. I love pima cotton ones from ck Calvin Klein and Armani Exchange. I also like basic Jil Sander ones.
    All of which I stated are more than US$30..I think!!
  7. Im totally serious when I say this;

    It's about impossible to even locate t-shirts of any kind for below $$30 here. I don't have anyone that falls into that category. I don't think I've even seen t-shirts at that price. :confused1:

    sweetlove? Anyone?
  8. Armani Exchange plain cotton tees for men are around 25 USD at regular price, don't know about the others.
  9. no more than AU$15 which is around US$12
  10. $15 at the most. For the most basic items, I usually only go to Target. I'd rather spend less on the things that I'll wear all the time and have no trouble replacing and have more to spend on much nicer pieces.
  11. I have a really hard time finding t shirts that fit me in a flattering way, so if I actually found one I would pay as much as $50.
  12. I'd pay up to $30, I guess. It would have to fit exceptionally well for me to pay more than that.
  13. It depends...some white t's are better than others (filmier, sexier, and skim your body better than one that costs $5)
  14. def. no more than 20.
  15. I guess it really depends on how much I love the top. I have purchased tons of really cute plain tops from forever 21 and H&M for under $10, but I have also spent $68 or more on C&C tops.