How much would you pay for...

  1. Well i must confess that I am a newbie to this forum and LV, however I have just recently discovered my infatuation for LV, and is now trying to slowly build up a collection...:yahoo:

    Given that I would not even willingly walk into a boutique back in 2005, my current crush on the Cerises line have left me quite directionless:sad::shrugs: . I would LOVE to purchase a speedy 25 and a bucket, however I have absolutely no idea how much they retailed for and is clueless on how much I should bid for them on ebay...

    So....everyone and anyone...plz help!!! TIA :shame:
  2. Do you want new condition...or are you ok with USED?

    Price really depends on those two things...when purchasing on Ebay..IMHO
  3. you should check ebay and post the links under the authentication thread in the LV forum. they would be able to tell you if it's real/fake! HTH =D
  4. PM me.
  5. Hmmmm I haven't seen anything on ebay yet...but I'm looking for MINT condition or if possible new items. I guess I'll be able to live with used if its GENTLY used only :P

    Thanks for the tip! I'll check out that thread
  6. i know for sure that the cerise speedy retailed at $995. not too sure about the bucket though, i can't remember. :smile:
  7. Yea, cerises speedy is retailed for $995, but if you were to get a new one on ebay now, it could cost you around $1500-1700+ since it's already discontinued.
  8. anything from the cerises line, brand new or even mint condition, often go for a lot higher than the retail price.

    good luck on your search. i like the cerises speedy too, but i'm just not willing to pay $1500 or so for a new one... i usually prefer new/exellent condition items.
  9. Yes yes I'm thinking of getting that one :yes:

    Haha do they give discounts?
  10. Yea I might just settle for the bucket, I don't exactly feel like paying 50% - 100% more than retail for a bag! That sucks :yucky:
  11. You can e-mail them to ask. I think they usually give free shipping. ;)
  12. Then I think I'm going to buy like, 5 bags :yahoo: :wlae:
  13. Well, you will need to pay that much if you want a brand new one. If you don't mind getting a used cerises speedy, I usually see let-trade has one every now and then at $999 too. I personally think that the speedy is cuter. But of course, bucket is nice too. Just my individual preference. :P
  14. OMG, 5 at once?! :drool: What else are you getting? :graucho: :P