how much would you pay for...

  1. an excellent condition red epi pochette? under 200 US?
  2. $179-$225 :confused1:
  3. I would try to keep it under $200
  4. really? i would think it was a $250 piece. just keep watching them on eBay and do a completed listings search. see what comes up.
  5. Under $200 I would say
  6. I see one in pretty good condition on Let-Trade for $175 shipped.
  7. And that 1st $200 eBay one doesn't even have a bid- so let-trade's must be waiting for you!;)
  8. I'd go for the one on LT- it is in great condition
  9. I would pay if under 200$.:smile:
  10. The only colour I'd pay over $200 for is the lilac epi pochette, because those are quite rare (in excellent condition)
  11. Didn't it have a strap issue?
  12. yeah it did, apparently it split and was glued back together so i was a little iffy about that one..
  13. Just remember that once it has been repaired by anyone other than LV that LV won't touch it. That would keep me from getting it, but then $175 is a nice price for an nice Epi pochette.