How much would you pay for USED INK FIRST in good condition ??

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  1. My friend wants to sell. And she's thinking 750 USD. Is it too high? The bag is definitely not brand new but not too bad as well. Need all your opinions.

    I would grab it if my mind wasn't so set on a Brand new SS07 BLACK first. And i don't think i'll need an INK and a BLACK FIRST.

    What would you do? :confused1:
  2. I love Ink so I'm a little biased. $750 sounds good depending on the condition( signs of wear etc...). I really think black and ink are very diffrent. Many don't so I think it's up to you.
    I wouldn't wear Ink with black dressy stuff .
  3. Hello catcat, Thanks for your quick advice. There are definitely signs of wear especially at the bottom corners. No tears or anything out of the ordinary though. I do love the INK Color as well. I'm not a very dressy person and i'm getting the first b-bags for casual wear. I'm not sure how a USD750 used first should look like. Any guidelines? (Sorry, i am very late in the b-bag scene).:shame:

    If you guys think that 750USD for a used and not bad condition ink is a great price, i might just get it and get the Black when it's available in stores.

    OR, should i just forget about ink now and hold out for the brand new black first?

  4. Hi luna I just spend way to much time here. I would get the Ink maybe your friend would lower considering it's condition to $700.
    Ink is great for casual wear, you just can't carry a lot in the first!
  5. Maybe you can offer her a little less and put the rest towards restoring it at Luvinmybags. It's usually around $100-150 depending on how bad the bag is.
  6. You are not alone!!:ninja: Eversince i went by my local Balenciaga store a month ago, i've spent every waking moment logged on to this forum, hitting refresh like a mad woman. How did i miss these wonderful bags!?!?

    I'm still trying to figure out which colors i really want for my collection. So thank you ladies for being patient with me.:rolleyes:

    (I'm definitely getting the rouge vif CITY though.) :wtf:
  7. The bag is not so bad that it requires restoring (i think). I was wondering if paying 750usd would be too much for a used bag. I prefer to buy my bags retail because i know that i'm so picky and the extra $200 would give me that piece of mind knowing my bag is brand new.

    Just wondering if it was too good a deal to let go.:wlae:
  8. HI,

    I would go for a new one, because you want another colour.

    But i really love the ink colour.:love:

    Good Luck to U.

  9. Hello fxvanleeuwen. Yes, don't we all love the INK color? Strangely, i see many INK items on ebay especially this past week. Why is everyone letting go of it?

    Maybe the classic BLACK is still the evergreen of all colors? I think i might just hold out for my 07 black.
  10. I think 750 is a fair price, depending on the condition. If it doesn't show any major signs of wear, not worn out, handles not discolored, etc. then I would definitely spring for it! However, you may want to hold out to see the marine color s/s '07, bc you can get a brand spankin' new one for $995!! :yes:
  11. ^ I agree that 750 is fair. My advice is that the crucial issue is the condition of the handles.

    If they are clean and not darkened, then I would get it. If not, I'd hold out for that 07 black :smile:
  12. I would hold out for a 07 black First. Nothing beats getting a bag BRAND NEW, unless you really really want an ink since they're discontinued.