How much would you pay for used Epi LV?!


Apr 10, 2009
Hi all of you experts out there! :smile:

I'm currently trying to expand my LV Epi collection, and so far I have the black Jasmin and a moka pochette.

I just bought a large, black Epi Noe which I've been wanting for years, but unfortunately it was discontinued a few years ago...:tdown:

I paid $225 for the large Noe.

Do you think that's a good deal...? I've seen most of the large Noes go for around that, I think...

Now I'm looking for a medium agenda - the color doesn't matter
and a large wallet with coin compartment.

What's the maximum you would pay for those used on eBay?
I know eLux charge $550 for the medium agenda, and $630 for the big wallet!!

Happy Easter to you all! :yahoo:



hubba hubba ;)
Sep 23, 2006
I think both the prices listed above are good for a discontinued piece of Epi.
It would have to be in good condition though.
And a more rare piece/limited color (or more substantial piece of luggage) would then be lots more money.