How much would you pay for this preowned?

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  1. Anyone know the retail price for this lv bag ? And how much would you offer for it preowned?

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    Is it the Klara bag?
  3. Yeh I think that is the name :smile:
  4. How old is it? Is it discontinued?
  5. I have the leather Klara and have never used it as the handles are really hard and doesn't stay on my shoulder ...also the opening is quite small too...this might have soften up on the mono version. I should have purchased the mizi:P
  6. Since this bag, the Klara, was released for S/S '05 and is no longer available at LV there really isn't a current retail price to quote. Back in 2005 the bag's retail price was $1130 in the US. The bag isn't very popular, at least as far as sales on eBay are concerned and the last one sold for $599.
  7. Yoogis closet has 1 for sale at $775.00. It is a cute bag!