How much would you pay for this MC Pochette?

  1. [​IMG]

    The patina is VERY dark and some of the color is coming off too ...
  2. 200.00 range
  3. Oh I've seen this auction, 200 BIN.

    I would not pay over 150$.
  4. $100...maybe $150.
  5. About $150. Can you change the top leather trim and the strap for cheap at the LV store?
  6. $200 is max
  7. I just sold my old black one for 100 UK pounds. The patina was in better condition, but it had some rub off. You can clean the inside (vaccum, sponge wipe). So about 150 US is my vote too.
  8. Yea, I wouldn't pay over 100 dollars for it. The leather has a look almost like something was used on it that made it that dark.
  9. I think the strap alone is like 50$, plus the fading is forever.. so its not really worth it ! :sad:
  10. This Pochette is authentic though, right?
  11. Ja !
  12. $100...MAYBE $125-shipped.
    The patina is all grungey and the tab bit is kind of jacked up too...
  13. $100.
  14. Yeah the tab is a mess:sad: . I wouldn't go overboard on price with this one.