how much would you pay for this hobo bag?

  1. I've paid $519.99 for this including shipping on eBay. It was listed as new but obviously NOT after i received the bag. I was so disappointed with the seller cause she sounded really nice. I understand that she probably thought it was flawless so she listed it as new. I also just got this authenticated from the authentication thread and it's authentic. The seller bought this in Italy 5 yrs ago.

    If you were me how much would you pay for this? cause i'm currently negotiating with the seller for a discount. The seller offered a $50 discount. I was like huh??? I said I'll keep it for $200. She hasn't responded yet. What do you think?
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    Well, if I really wanted a discontinued style like the Britt I would pay quite a bit for a good-condition example and compared to a new Gucci bag it's very reasonable.

    IMO you would be better off posting this in the eBay forum, it's more of an eBay question than a Gucci one.
  3. Why would I post this on ebay forum if I wanted gucci bag buyers' opinion? Don't insult me like I didn't know what I was doing in this forum and you sounded like you were looking down on me cause I was shopping for a discontinued style. A lot of members here do shop on ebay for more vintage gucci bags. Just because you have 12,000+ posts on here doesn't give you the right to insult me. :nono:
  4. :rain:

    if you have a problem with the seller of this bag on ebay it does not entitle you to be rude to the people who take the time and trouble to answer you on tPF - you posted the question - I answered in what I hoped would be a helpful manner. It doesn't sound like you read my post at all.
  5. You were the one who was rude by telling me that I should post this on ebay instead. I've read your insulting post that's why I've reacted cause I thought you sounded rude....unless I misinterpreted it but I read it again and I still feel that your response was insulting and rude. You were the one who seemed like you did not read my initial post at all!
  6. Wow..I am reading PT's response which I in no way interpret as demeaning.

    I believe she was stating that she believed the price is reasonable compared to that of a new one. However I respectfully disagree. This bag retailed for $550 and $520 is a bit overpriced. I would contact the seller and explain that it's SNAD and return it..unless you want to keep it..ask for a partial refund but pay no more than $350 IMO.
  7. hi OP, sorry to hear about your ebay transaction. i agree that the seller should have disclosed the flaws (with pictures), and not pass it off as new when it clearly wasn't. if you really love the bag, i hope you can come to a reasonable agreement with the seller. as the above poster stated, $350 seems fair if the bag was in great condition otherwise. however, were it me, and if i'm undecided on the bag, i would just ask the seller for a refund and return the bag, just to not have to deal with the headache of back and forth communication and price haggling. hope it all works out for you whatever you decide.

    btw, i normally don't like to get in the middle of "fights" but i have read papertiger's response to your post, and it doesn't seem to come off as rude to me. :shrugs: i don't think she was suggesting you go to the ebay website. i think she meant that the ebay forum on tpf may better address your issue. the link to it is here:

    hth! :smile:
  8. Thank you, sneezz. I've already returned the bag earlier today cause i really don't buy used gucci bags on ebay. I don't care if the bag's model has been discontinued or 20 seasons ago, as long as it's new and I like the design I'll get it. The seller was actually nice so I was disappointed that she listed the bag as new. I knew that the bag was originally retailed for $550 but because I really thought that it was new i still got it for $520. Anyway, I'm glad that the seller will give me a full refund for it.

    As for PT, maybe I have misinterpreted her post but I really thought she was trying to kick me out of here and go to ebay forum instead. I mean why would I go to ebay forum when I know that ppl here on TPF are more knowledgeable about Gucci bags? I have already settled the problem with the seller yesterday before I even saw PT's post earlier today and she thought I was rude with my reaction cause I was having problem with that ebay seller. It's hard to interpret words sometimes from strangers in forums but i really thought she was the one who was being rude to me. She didn't even give an answer to the title of this thread "how much would you pay for this bag" so
    thank you for saying that you won't pay more than $350 for it. I appreciate your opinion. Thanks again.

  9. Hi, misspurse. As I've mentioned above I have already returned the bag earlier today cause I've never bought a used Gucci bag before. I thought I could take it to the cleaners but then I didn't want to spend more money for a used bag. I just couldn't get over the thought that it has been used. I think I have a bit of an OCD with that. The seller was very cooperative though and apologized really well. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

    Wait, are you saying that there is an ebay forum here on TPF??? I didn't know. So that's what PT was trying to tell me? I thought she was telling me to go to members forum. OMG i did not know that there's an ebay forum here on TPF. I'll check that link you gave me. Thank you, misspurse.

    I feel bad. I'M SORRY, papertiger, i misinterpreted your post...i honestly didn't know. sorry :sad:
  10. Welcome purseous22. Just so you know, Papertiger is one of the most informed, renouned people on this forum when it comes to a bag's quality, origin, price, etc. and most especially with Gucci. She is also an extremely welcoming and courteous member. Please feel free and familiarize yourself with our entire Purseforum so that you will understand posters' abreviations and links so that there won't be a further misunderstanding. Have fun shopping! :flowers:
  11. thanks, bgaholic. i've been a member here since 2008 but i only frequent the gucci authentication thread so i really don't know anyone here in particular and i'm not really familiar with other forums in TPF. i really thought papertiger was trying to kick me out of here yesterday and go to ebay website instead. i was like how rude!!! lol i honestly didn't know there was an ebay forum here..what can i say? i'm truly sorry, papertiger....i've apologized already yesterday, i hope she gets to read it.

    Oh, i like your's kind of like a response to the title of my thread. lol
  12. Apology accepted. I am sure you were feeling just a tad 'raw' after you disappointment with the bag and then the seller's response.

    The members on the eBay forum (the one on tPF) are so knowledgable, I can't think of a problem they couldn't solve or a dilemma they hadn't understood. Most of it is quite scary reading but totally educational.
  13. 250 at most