How much would you pay for this Herbag?

  1. Hi, I'm not Hermes person but since I helped my friend to take pics for her Hermes Herbag ( she'll list on her auction ) and I saw the pics, I'm falling in love with this bag but know nothing about it.

    She's asking for $989. Expensive enough or not?

    Any opinion about this bag? Is it out of style? Thought it's 25? :confused1:

    Is it fine for beginner? or perhaps another Hermes? Many thanks :smile:

    Oh, I provide pic that I grabbed from her auction ( I've no pics for this bag )
    Hermes Herbag ( 2 bags ).jpg
  2. I think it's a fine price, and a lovely bag in a very versatile size! It was my first H bag, too! A great 'entry level" H bag!
  3. No problems! You know, once you go orange, you won't go back..........
  4. that's how I all got started! the very first piece of H product that i bought was a medium size Herbag in all black (first generation), and i must say that i'd really made used of!
    the price is not bad at all but just a friendly reminder since Herbag has now discontinued and it might also be a good idea as a Collectable piece to your handbag collection.
  5. Thanks Chocolat Chaud :smile:

    Actually, I'm considering this one and another one with blue trim. The seller of Blue Trim said it's 30. Do you think my friend's is 25?

    Which one better?
  6. Also my first H bag but I never use it because it is such a pain to close, especially if you are in a hurry and other people are in line you don't want to stand there fiddling until you close it. I usually just let it hang funny because I give up trying.
  7. zippie, what color yours?
  8. I've got this Herbag, too, and the best part is that it's light as a feather. Really great spring/summer bag.
  9. LV - Leather is black with off white material and black canvas bag.
  10. lv - I reckon it's a 30...mine is just like hers, and it measures closest to 30cm.
  11. Thanks Grands Fonds :flowers:

    I know nothing about measuring... As you said it might be 30, I think I'll get it :smile: thanks for advice