How Much Would You Pay For This Bag??

  1. I would really spend a few hundreds more and get a classic leather one.
  2. A little spendy for canvas- it's REALLY cute though! I say go for it, return it if you don't like it!

    BTW: If it's not in your cart, it's gone! Sorry if that's the case!
  3. Even 200$ sounds a little high, I just don't like the look of this bag !

  4. SAme here.
  5. I wouldn't spend anything over $300 for a canvas bag. For the price that they're asking for, it'd better be leather!
  6. I would not shell out that much money for what's essentially some spun cotton glorified by the Chanel CC.
  7. I'd pay about $150-200 for it. Maaaaybe $300 considering it's Chanel but I'd have to see it and it would need some serious nice features to justify that much.

    Says the girl who paid $$$ for a Chloe. I know. I never claimed I made sense in my bagness.
  8. I like that one. I would pay the price for it. Its a great white bag IMO. Chanel must be venturing into new territory with canvas........just hope they don't go to extremes like Prada did. :amazed:
  9. $94.80.
  10. :lol: Just 10 percent of the retail price?

    Eh, I don't like this bag much, I wouldn't spend any money on it.
  11. Cristina, I think the bag is quite cute but would not shell out over $100 for it. Any thoughts on the following canvas bags, please (hope ShoppeGirl won't mind my posting this in here rather than in a new or a different thread).Thanks.

    1) Maschera Canvas and Leather Signature Hobo Bag $95

    2) Maschera Canvas and Leather Signature Buckle Handbag $75

    3) Miquelrius Jordi Labanda Disco Medium Hobo $60-29 now

    4) Hayden-Harnett Montauk Large Hobo - $138

    5) Tommy Hilfiger Day Tripper Two Toned - $71-10
  12. I wouldn't pay anything for it. Not my cup of tea :smile:
  13. I don't think I would spend that much money for a canvas bag, even if it's Chanel. I agree with others - at that price, might as well save a bit more and get a leather one.
  14. ditto