How much would you pay for these?

  1. A friend of mine (and fellow Coach collector) brought in some bags for me to sell for her on eBay. There were two items that I'd like for myself - but I don't know how much to offer her, I asked how much she wanted but she said she didn't know:confused1: I'm not even sure how much they retailed for.

    The black wallet is VERY gently used & the wristlet is brand new but appears to be missing it's leash... Both were Outlet purchases... what would you offer?!

    BTW some of the styles she brought for me to sell I'll need some help from you guys to identify... but my camera battery died for the night!
    038.JPG 040.JPG 039.JPG
  2. I wouldn't pay more than $40 fr both if they are used.
  3. That's what I was thinking but then started to think it was too low.... :confused1:
  4. gosh, I don't know, but that coin purse is really cute!
  5. Isn't it?! As soon as I saw it I knew it had to be mine!!:heart:
  6. The black looks like either a multi-function wallet (but it has cc slots) like a compact clutch style.

    I recently sold a multi-function for $40.00 and 2 soho compact clutches for 70.00 and 90.00. I have no idea about the double coin.

    an advanced search on eBay will give you better prices
  7. do a search on completed auctions and go from there that may give you an idea price wise I have no idea!!
  8. I have a white leather leash from the ipod case, if you want to hook it to that coin purse, let me know. I am not using it :smile:
  9. that's so sweet of you =)

    I think 40 would be too low for both.

    Maybe 60-65 ish?
  10. i actually have that black wallet, and i have one in camel...back when i got it (01-02 maybe?) it was $148 (at the outlet, where i got the black) and $198 (at the boutique, where i got the camel).