How much would you pay for pre-owned YSL Tribtoo Pumps?

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  1. Considering it is a style still in the stores and the qwerty appear very minimal, I would pay up to
    $325.00. It is a classic style and a current one at that.
  2. It should say that the wear appears minimal. Damn iPhone.
  3. what's the orig price? depends on how much you want them...highest is 70% of retail i'd pay if i want them bad.
  4. They were at saks yesterday for $795.00.
  5. these never go on sale, so i would pay up to $450/500 personally, if i really wanted them and didn't have another black staple.

    if it were any other colour, i'd say not that much as you can score seasonal tribs on sale for $400-500.
  6. so 70% is about 550. and depends on the size...some size can never make it to the you can factor that into your price range. and how much you love them.
    the heels are dangerously high....if you sure you'll wear them...get them. the condition looks good to me.
  7. I'll only pay 40% of the original price for pre-owned YSL shoes. Those were on sale in my area for $500 brand new in store. Good luck!
  8. Agreed-depends how badly you want them. Black rarely goes on sale.
  9. hard question... i would probably go $ 375 at the most for excellent condition tribtoos!
    hope this helps...
    this is my answer as i have other brand new shoes in my shopping bag at outnet and yoox that i would get brand new at this price point!!! good luck!
  10. $450.
  11. $350 would be my limit
  12. I have four pairs, all purchased "pre-loved." I don't believe I paid over $375 for any of them ... two low heeled & two of the higher heeled version.

    I would pay less for the lower heel. As for higher heel black patent, I'd go up to $400 ... they will keep their resale value.
  13. I would pay $400 considering the condition and the style
  14. Seen for 350 usd in nyc consignment storex