How much would you pay for nice eyebrows?


Aug 3, 2006
The other eyebrow thread got me motivated to post this question that I've had for a while. How much do you ladies think is reasonable for having your eyebrows waxed/tweezed/shaped? I have been to several places and paid a whole range of prices. I'm wondering what you all think is the norm or reasonable. Of course I know it is going to depend if you go to a cheaper nail salon that also does brows and waxing as opposed to a higher end salon or spa. I'm curious to know what others think about this.
Thanks ladies.


Fana des chausseurs
Jul 7, 2008
I had my eyebrows done once, for $15 at a very nice salon here, in a private room. She did a great job, and I've been keeping them up myself ever since.

At the most, I suppose that I would pay $25 (in an expensive city like NY) about once a year or so.
Mar 14, 2006
Wow, you ladies all have cheap eyebrow services! I used to pay $40 when living in Boston, and at that salon if you did it with the owner, it was $150. Recently I went to someone in NY that charges $55. And yes, I think it's ridiculous to pay that much.
May 6, 2007
If I could actually be happy - I'd pay anything!! lol After all the overplucking in the 80's & 90's - I've now turned to Talika (thanks to the advice of an awesome tpf'er!!) to try to grow some eyebrows back!!! lol I think the most I've paid was about $35 - $40.