How much would you pay for an LV cerise cles?

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  1. I really want a LV cerise piece, but I am not sure how much retail was to begin with on this LE piece, nor how much I should pay to get ahold of one of these lovely pieces.

    Considering the only ones i have seen have been very inflated in price or cheap and fake:crybaby: ...... what do you ladies and gents think is a good price for that cuties pie little monster of a Cerise Cles?

    Thanks for your time in advance!
  2. it really depeneds on the condition. I personally would not pay more than $275
  3. ok, that's one person. i really could use some more opinions.
    is $250 too much? should i wait and see if i can find a lower price? condition looks unused!
  4. im torn.
  5. I would say, depending on conditon maybe 200-300. I personally wouldn't ever spend more than 250 for a cles.
  6. I agree with everyone else, no more than $300 for a Cles. The cherries are so cute though, are'nt they. I love the speedy's in the Cerise. Good luck. I hope they have provided quite a few pics??
  7. LT has one for 249 that is in great condition
  8. $275 is the most I would pay for a Cerise Cles...

    I got a bargain for mine... it was only $150. :biggrin:
  9. ^wow John!! That's a great price!!! I've been eyeing the one on let-trade. Personally, I wouldn't pay more than $250.
  10. i would pay no more than $275
  11. Ive seen many cles on eBay thats been going for more than the pochette lol..