how much would you pay for an indigo cles?

  1. SOme of you know about my accident and selling off everything. I got an estimate on my car, and haggled it down to the bare minimum. I was thinking of getting something to make myself feel bettter and then like a shining light a friend is offering me her INDIGO CLES?!?!?! for 270, what she got it for. Should I go for it! Or is that too much? I had money set aside for an amarante cles, plus a little something to fund this. Should I go for it?
  2. Is the indigo cles brand new or used?? If it's used, then I'd certainly rather go to the boutique and get one myself, since it brings me great joy to make a purchase from the boutique!!!
  3. I think you should save the money for amarante. But firstly, Don't scrimp on your car. You want the repairs to be made safely!
  4.'s not available anymore...and you really want only if it is in good condition would I pay that much over retail!
    That said...Amarante will be around for awhile so I'm sure you can save up for it!
  5. I'd say go for it- if that's what you really want.......

    but on the other hand (my conscious) I'd say wait- save for the amarante- or perhaps you can post on eBay that you are looking for this indigo cles- I had response when I was looking for a petit bucket back in Feb..... there is a place to post "I want........."
  6. That is a lot over retail, but the indigo is a beautiful color. I would not get the indigo cles because you already have the indigo agenda and save up for an amarante cles.
  7. I'm in the process of selling my agenda and sticking with a cheaper kate spade till later. so currently I have no indigo.

    But I also love purple,..
  8. That's what my other side is telling me! But what the mechanic said if my headlight starts to retain moisture to come in with it, otherwise I can leave it.
  9. I say leave it and make her sell it to me :smile: Lol i Love the indigo cles i have tried to find one in a few places London,Birmingham,Champs Elysee with no luck So i say go for it if you want! Just post pics so i can drool please? :smile:
  10. If the indigo cles was brand new I would pay 270.00 It depends on how used it is but I would probably pay anywhere from 200 - 250.
  11. I think it's too much. If you use it and decide to sell, you will not get back the same amount. Also, better to fix everything that needs to be fixed on the car rather than hoping the headlight doesn't get worse. Isn't that why you are selling your other piece?
  12. All that needs to be done for my car is done, the headlight is just vanity, but just in case he says try it out, if you notice something wrong bring it back and he'll change it. There are no scratches on the vernis, only on the hardware from hanging it on her bag.
  13. well, since your car is all fixed (yay!) and you are selling your agenda, I would get the cles. you have been looking for SO long .... and will probably even out in the end.
  14. For cles, I would pay around $199 but umm, price for preloved here is cheaper than USA or Europe so if you ask me, I think I'll pay $150 if I purchase here ;)
  15. ^^I'm not sure I understand? The price offered was 240 now actually.