How much would you pay for a vintage Lady Dior?

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  1. #1 Dec 17, 2018
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    Hi everyone! Recently, I've been considering purchasing a vintage Lady Dior bag and I'm very new to this. I'm trying to get a better idea as the price range I found online seems to be quite wide.

    What would be a reasonable price for a medium like-new less-than-5-yo Lady Dior bag, assuming it's the timeless design in black or blue? Thank you!
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  2. Hard to say, but if it's a classic colour in like-new condition I would go for it. Both factors will put the price at the higher end of the price bracket, I would expect.
  3. Vintage?
  4. a 5 yo Lady dior is not vintage to me:biggrin:
  5. Agree. Vintage is typically 20 years or more old.
  6. Where I am, a decent condition but possibly past 5 years of age tends to go for c. 1.8k tops, for neutral dark colours. Black holds its value better. This excludes LE and special colours like pearlized.
    Oh, and those are for lambskin. Patent almost always go for significantly lower. Combination of local preferences + patent deteriorates faster

    For the “like-new” ones, prob c.2.5k tops, if it’s purchased within 6 months or the seller has all the extras like boxes ribbon etc. Again for lambskin and classic colours.

    Again these are the prices that I see most commonly. I suspect they may be lower than the global average as chanel and hermes are all the rage here