How much would you pay for a vintage Kelly?


Jan 30, 2017
I hope someone can answer my question, if it doesn't belong here let me know. I have searched over the internet and on this forum and I can’t find the answer to my question.

I have started to dip my toes in to the Hermès world and I really like the style of the Kelly bag. I don’t live near a store and with the pandemic going on in the world, travelling is out of the question for the moment so I really can’t try to buy a new one.

I have found a vintage Kelly 32 in burgundy color, ghw in a really good condition from year 1980 and it comes with dustbag, box and spa receipt from Hermès.

So I basically wonder how much do you think a vintage Kelly from 1980 is worth buying for?
Since I’m new to Kelly bags I really don’t know how much a vintage from 1980 is worth, so I was hoping for some guidance from you in here :smile:


Jul 16, 2020
You will never find an answer for your question simply because vintage bags are all different in terms of condition - it could cost 1500, but it could cost 5000. "really good condition" may mean different things for different people. Having a spa receipt is better than nothing but is it for that particular bag or for another bag - these days you can buy everything online... and has the bag been used after that spa... this is some of the questions that pop-up in my head when I think of buying a vintage bag.
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Sep 9, 2020
Another question is: do you want to wear it with the shoulder strap? If so, and if your bag doesn't come with one, Hermès can make you one (special order), but it will be expensive and probably take several months or even a year and you probably have to send the bag in for that. I found a beautiful Kelly 28 from the 90s, and I was contemplating buying it, but ultimately decided against it because of this issue. For the price of the vintage including the special order strap I would get one in better shape, with original strap.
And yes, the price varies a lot depending on the shape of the bag. I would never get a bag with cracked leather, the chances that it can't be restored properly are huge, but these kind of damaged bags still go for a lot of money on the second hand market. Of course, Hermès can help you out and completely replace the damaged parts, but this might me more expensive and time-consuming than getting a bag in better shape in the first place. A Kelly for under 2000 will most likely be in unbelievably rough shape, regardless of its age. It is not easy to see from the pictures if the leather is damaged beyond repair. I would only get a bag with some kind of buyer protection, ask the seller very specific questions about the condition of the bag before buying so you can make a claim if it doesn't fit the description, and get the bag autenticated as soon as you have it. Good luck!