How much would you pay for a keychain on ebay?

  1. I was thinking about purchasing one. And I love the Glitter discoball, Jack och Lucie, the flowers key chains in pink and red, the inclusion speedy but also the charm braclets.

    How much would you guys pay for one?
  2. It depends if they're still available in stores.
  3. dont get me wrong, i love the LV accessories but please remember that its a KEY CHAIN!!!!
    i wouldnt spend more than a couple of hundred to be honest. I know a lot of people spend a fortune on key chains / hair bands etc...but i'd personally rather put the money in a pot for a new bag... guess it depends how much spare cash you have floating around~!
  4. i would not spend more than 50, i just really would not use it. much prefer a handbag.
  5. Thanks guys :smile:
    Maybe I'll just wait some months til I get to an LV store and buy one there. Yes I agree, a purse is nicer than a key chain but I just think a key chain or a brac could pimp a purse up a lil :smile:
  6. The most I've spent on a keychain was $150. The most I would spend on a keychain would be $250? People think it's a waste, but it's my money and I spend it as I please. :yes:
  7. Unless you had money to throw around I dont understand why anyone would spend more than lets say 100 dollars on a keychain. Would much rather get a bag.
  8. I used to think that...spend enough time on this Forum and you'll end up with ridiculous eye candy for your purses.

    BTW, looking on eBay a lot of the Speedy Inclusions are going for more than retail (almost 100 more). If I saw any for a good price I wouldn't hesitate to get them off of eBay.
  9. No more than $200 for a used Jack and Lucie b/c they are still availabe in stores or call 866 they are $240 and all the ones on eBay are way over $240!!! :nuts:
  10. The ones I've seen on ebay are still available in the I'd really prefer getting it from the store instead.
  11. I'm looking for the red/white pastilles key chain but its not going to be made anymore and sold out at most stores since it was St.Valentine's collection. I wouldn't pay more than $100 for a keychain.