How much would you pay for a Columbus ???

  1. Please, let me ask you something. I've spotted a beige leather Columbus on Looks fine, and the extra prics I asked for show the bag is a real dior stuff (see the pics attached below). I found it would be interesting to add a Columbus to my Dior collection, so I asked the seller for her reserve price. And she replied .... €850 (US $1180) :shocked: ... more than a second hand double gaucho.... !!
    Do you think it's a fair price for a bag which is not far from being considered as a vintage ? Do you think it worths more than $650?? I'm a bit confused and even if I won't bid, I'd like to have opinions on its current value. TIA for your trusted contributions :smile:
    columbus1.jpg columbus2.jpg columbus3.jpg
  2. Can't say I would pay that much for it now.

    The outlets would probably have some much cheaper than that.

    Check out LadyDior's outlet album and see if you can spot one :smile:
  3. A friend of mine got a similar one on eBay for €400 (around US $600) in 2006. Lucky lady ...

    Must forget about the outlet! Prices are interesting, but after adding shipping charges and duties, they aren't anymore... No, the seller won't find any buyer for such an amount. Hope she will relist the bag for a lower price so could place a bid... unless I find something else... like another gaucho !!!:nuts:
  4. Keep your eye out they come up every now and again.

    Some people also list them as street chic so search that too.
  5. i would never pay that amount of money for this model..and i have seen them a lot cheaper on ebay , just keep searching and it will pop up...850€ is crazy :wtf:
  6. The Cloumbus Ave. bags were on sale and then sold out. They were in carmel,black, brown, and tan fabric. We do not have any in any of the outlets.
  7. that's insane! i'd say be patient and wait for a better deal instead, especially since i recall seeing some of those selling for half of the price quoted on ebay previously.
  8. I would pay max £150 if Im in the right mood - lol

    yes I dunno sometimes I get all razy and bid at crazy prices other times I'm not to bothered.
  9. the bag hasn't been relisted so far. She probably decided to keep it in her closet for another decade, hoping to see its price raising ...:graucho:

  10. hehe let her dream on , moon we will find u a columbus from someone else ! :yes:
  11. I bought a columbus recently (black fabric) but it comes without the side pouches. where do u think I can buy those side pouches? (I am fr Singapore)thanks