how much would you paid for this

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  1. how much would you paid for a used monogram canvas speedy 25 that was made this year and in good condition? any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. $400 - 450 BUCKS SOUNDS FAIR
  3. I second this. :tup:
  4. I though so too, but what if she does not have a box and it is missing one key for the lock?
  5. although it looks great, she said it did not come with any tags? should I be concerned?
  6. If it does not have a box, it's fine. You can always go to LV and ask if you can have a box; the same for the key.

    If it doesn't come with any tags, don't worry about that either. Some prefer to have them, others don't care if they come with them.
  7. I'm guessing this is your first LV purchase online since you're asking A LOT of questions... :p
  8. actually I've seen the bag and touched it and all, it looks good and authentic, but yes this is my first LV purchase, therefore, I just wanted to make sure she's selling me the real thing.
  9. thanks for helping! I know I'm asking a lot.
  10. Can you possibly take pics of the bag and post them in the authentication thread so we can help you determine the authenticity of the bag?
  11. I would pay $425 shipped.
  12. Agreed!

    I don't feel quite right telling you a price for a bag that I haven't seen b/c if for some reason it turned out to be fake I would feel awful.
  13. I'll try to post it when I get the bag again. For now, I told her to look for the receipt.
  14. good luck! the authenticators on here are EXPERTS!
  15. $450 max