How much would you offer...

  1. for this lot? The seller wants to know how much I'd pay... I'm not sure but I was hoping one of you ladies could help me make an offer? :nuts: btw I know they don't allow swapping or buying... but do they allow splitting? lol there are two totes in this... I don't think I'd keep both... Anywhoo I need a general idea so if anyone has any ideas help? :confused1:

  2. Tehlilone.. how did one get the pool tote? Did they just get it if they attended the pool show in vegas? I wouldn't pay more than $15 for the whole lot. But that is just me.
  3. Yeah. how much are the totes worth in the first place?
  4. I saw the tote on eBay sold around $30, the fan probably around $10, the stickerss....shouldnt worth that much but yesterday one of the eBay sellers sold 5 for $35...I'm not sure about the neckstraps

    But I personally think you shouldn't spend that much on them. I wont even buy them....
  5. i want a tote!
  6. They got all that stuff for free, but I would say 30 dollars? What was the asking price of the lot? I like that tote too? Maybe I can half the payment with you if the seller wants to get rid of the whole thing?
  7. I wouldn't offer more than 30-40 maybe.
  8. Yeah if they got all of it for free I wouldn't want to pay too much for it. 30 is my offer, even less than that...
  9. the pool totes were on eBay recently & went for around $50 i think. i know people get stuff for free, but if you're not around to get it for free & you want it, then it's worth more to you than the price of $0, know what i mean.
  10. How about the citta wallet that is up to $140 right now and I think it ends in a couple of hours. That's just amazing. That seller hit the jackpot.
  11. I knew I should've started buying several months ago but I wasn't really that interested until my birthday in Jan... I didn't know it would get this popular on :sad: it's so hard finding things now
  12. Someone was selling a pool tote a few weeks back on ebay. I had my eye on it but then I forgot all about it. Luckily, it didn't matter it ended up selling for $80. I wouldn't have paid that much for it.
  13. holy cow it went up sooo high late night...Frogbubbles and I were talking about it in one of the threads...:nuts:
  14. I agree !! :nuts: and if I ever pay that for a wallet, then I won't be kidding anymore when I say I'm :nuts:
  15. I second that.