how much would you offer for an ink city?

  1. i have a coworker who is selling her authentic balenciaga ink city for $900. i asked her if she would consider negotiating the price with me, and she asked what my best offer would be. what do you guys think would be a reasonable offer for a used ink city in good condition?
  2. Price for Balenciaga all depends on demand. If she lists on eBay, right now there are not many Ink's coming out so she may get a good price. However, it may be a hard sell now that the gorgeous violet and other collection colours have just been released. It's all about supply and demand and what you are willing to pay.
  3. I think if the condition is really good, it is a great price. Ink is a beautiful color and probably a bit more versatile than the new violet will be. I think it can be used in place of a black bag. But for me it would depend on the condition.
  4. if condition is amazing, $900 is a good price.

    i paid ~$1200 (shipped to canada) for my brand new ink city.
  5. On "best offer" auctions, I have a rule of thumb to offer about 10% less ... providing the item is in good condition and the price being asked is not way out of line. So, I would recommend offering about $800. That would be a GREAT deal on an Ink City in good condition, and still a pretty good price for her.
  6. Was the $1200 in US or Canadian dollars? Compared to Holt's prices, that's not bad...
  7. that's a good rule of thumb. thx!