How much would you get paid to carry a fake?

  1. How much money would you get paid to carry a fake, ugly, LV bag to a formal outing in front of many people you know like your boss, co-workers, family, friends (and these people know that you're a fan of authentic LVs)? For me it would be enough money to fund for a new MC speedy in white! :nuts:
  2. No amount would do.
    My neighbors recently got back from a cruise and brought me a fake D&G bag. She acted all proud, she even knew it was fake. And she knows I don't carry fakes...I want to get rid of it but I feel like I have to keep it around in case she asks about it. UGH. :yucky:
  3. I'd be naked in public and feel less embarrased than to carry hideous fake bag
  4. She acted all proud, that's really funny. LOL. Well did it look real? :graucho:
  5. No way, i'll feel embarrased to carry a fake around.
  6. My first reaction was, "UGH! Never!!" :yucky:
    But I guess I would consider it. IF... I got paid LOTS (so that I could buy more real bags) and it was an event where I could hide the fake somewhere!!
  7. She bought the thing in Turkey and said they're known for their excellent fakes. Mmk.
    Anyway no way, I don't know much about D&G's styles but I don't think it looks like anything they ever made. It's like this one I think (I haven't looked at it again since I shoved it in the back of the hall closet :throwup:).
  8. I agree...I would do it for a real MC speedy...ha ha.
    I know its horrible but honestly most of my friends wouldn't know the difference.
  9. :nogood: :nogood: :nogood:
  10. LOL, pay me with an authentic birkin and kelly. I'll do twice, and give me black le confident. LOL, I should be shame, I've no moral sense, LOL
  11. i don't think it would be worth it. my parents know how i feel about fakes and they would ridicule me to death if i ever was caught carrying one.
  12. I would NEVER carry a fake LV or any designer bag. :nogood:

    I would feel so guilty considering how the fake designer bags are made.
  13. enough to help figure out a way to stop fakes! :smile:
  14. I would Never Carry a fake!
    You couldnt pay me enough.
  15. I would compromise my dignity and morals and carry the fake to a formal for 5k. I would hope the formal had a bar so I could dull the pain lol. Ick to the fake, but the 5k would be fun to spend. I would be sure to trash the bag though, I would set it in water, scratch it all up, and generally mistreat the bag, might as well have some fun while I am at it.