how much would you charge for caring for a dog for two weeks?

  1. How much would you charge for a boarding service that included round the clock service, cooked meals, (dog felt so blue I had to spoon feed him), several walks a day, socialization, etc. He was very high maintainance but I do not know how much to charge?:flowers:
  2. perhaps make one or two calls and see what professional boarders are charging, and then charge slightly less?
    or, figure out how much of your time it's likely to take up all up each day, and charge accordingly. that would depend on what you know of that particular dog.

    somewhere above $30 a day i'd say.
  3. I agree. I was going to say around $200 per week. I looked into it a few months ago for my sister. And, the more personal attention a dog gets when it's being boarded the more it costs. Sounds like you have that doggy some major TLC and you should be compensated for that!
  4. wow! sounds cheap in your areas. I pay the dog walker $15 a visit..and get 3 visits a day when we are out of town. $200/week sounds way too little
  5. When I house sit for our family friend's dog I get $250/week. But, that doesn't really cover much special care, just the general walking, letting him out, and feeding. At their kennels it is more like $75/day after all the random little charges they tack on.
  6. I think 200-300 per week sounds just about right.