How much would you be willing to pay for a bag on the resell market?


May 27, 2019
Just bought a vintage medium CF in caramel lambskin and 24k gold-plated for 4800€.
That’s a big chunk of money but I was willing to pay that price as I was searching high and low for this specific color for so so long.

But when I think that I paid « only » 2200€ for a medium CF in black LB and 24k gold plated back in 2020, this is just crazy to see how prices have gone up so fast

Here’s a photo of my prized possession.

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She’s beautiful, congrats!

I try to not think too much about what preloved bags go for when they were first sold new but yes it’s hard not to :whut: Earlier this year I bought a 13-year-old classic flap at a price that was several times what it was first bought at but with the crazy price increases, it was more than $3k less than what a new one would cost. Told myself not much I can do there, if I didn’t want to spend the crazy price on a new bag. Also bought a pre loved mini reissue that was sold for several hundred above its retail price four years ago, but it was in a seasonal leather/finish that I really wanted.

I think if the condition of the pre loved bag is excellent, I wouldn’t mind paying more than the original retail price but yeah I personally wouldn’t pay more than what the bag would go for today at the boutique.
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Mar 19, 2007
If I cannot get a handbag in store, then I would go into the secondary market and pay 10% over premium. That's what I'd pay. But if all I have to do is "wait" a little, then I would wait.

Paying premium is what I did for my 2 Hermes birkins 10-15 years ago. There was no way, I was going to play the game and buy a bunch of little Hermes quota items and build a relationship with a SA.
I know this thread is specifically targeted toward IG personal shoppers/resellers but Fashionphile is just as bad on price gouging. To me it’s worse because they are price gouging on items from previous seasons. I don’t see current season unicorns on their site but do see recent seasons and SLGs from current and recent seasons at almost double the cost. There are iridescent ivory minis on there for $6k or more. Card cases are sometimes $300-$400 over the current retail price. I get it takes overhead to run that business but charging 40-60% markup on majority of their items is excessive.
I’m looking for a card case now on the secondary market- the prices are obscene- there are some out there asking over $1k!